10th English – Questions Answers, Paragraphs, Pair of Words


10th Class English Notes

Notes Contain: Questions Answers, Paragraph Writing, Pair of Words, Synonyms, Antonyms, Correct Spelling, Correct Meaning,

Class 10 English Notes


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  1. Taimoor

    You have made Paragraph translation very hard to follow

  2. Zain janjua

    Thank u so much nice website I like it they contain all notes which are mostly use in 10 class federal board
    V Thank u

    1. Zeeshan

      yes I also like it


    Free ILM is good website to learn, please give option to down load the NOTES because it is charity and uncounted reward will be blessed by ALLAH ALMIGHTY to you all for this noble deed.AMEN.

  4. esha noor

    I need summaries of the chapters please upload it with quotations in ’em this will be really helpful for us kindly do this favor btw the website is brilliant I take all of my maths notes from it thanks a lot may you will be blessed by divine bliss AMEEN

  5. Hanya Khan

    this website is actually great but can anyone tell me that where are the essays.?

      1. esha noor

        I need summaries of poems with quotations, please.

        1. Abdul Rehman

          i also need it if you have got it plz send in reply
          only for the rain

      2. Hanya Khan

        thankyou thankyou very much this website is actually masterpiece

  6. Naveed Anjum

    Plz upload urdu notes for 10th class

  7. Laiba Shahid

    You should improve the notes. The answers are only of one line which is not acceptable in our board exams.

    1. Zeeshan

      yes that is right

    2. Author

      Notes are now updated. Check it now.

  8. Ali

    Mein smary send kar det hoon

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