GHAZAL – 9th Class Urdu Tashreeh – PDF NOTES

9th Class Urdu Notes

Hi, Here is the Tashreeh of all the Ghazals of 9th class Urdu, You can download it easily. Ghazals have a big portion of our papers. And it’s really helpful to have a shortcut to get good marks in Hissa-e-Ghazal.  The Ghazals of text book have a lot of information and that is overwhelming. That information is not even to the point so we did some effort to find out what’s important and what’s not. And came up with these notes which are in good quality and also these are not going to overwhelm you with the hell lot of information. If you have a trust issue you can check by yourself by skimming through 9th class urdu tashreeh notes. Happy Skimming!

9th Class Urdu Tashreeh For Ghazals


9th Class Urdu Tashreeh For Ghazals


— Ghazal No : 2 —[Open]

رخ و زلف پر جان کھویا کیا۔


— Ghazal No : 3 —[Open]

دلِ ناداں تجھے ہوا کیا ہیے۔


— Ghazal No : 4 —[Open]

لگتا نہیں ہے دل مرا اجڑے دیا میں۔

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