We want to tell you that you can find all the 9th class online test on our website. These tests are great for learning and as well as for scoring maximum marks. We are making these online tests for those who want full marks in their exams. Attempt all the online tests before going for the exam and it will be beneficial for you!. These online tests contain all the important multiple choice questions in the important topics of the book and they will not feel out of the context. Attempting these online tests is a great deal because they are relevant to the course, easy to understand, and focus on important topics the most. If you just attempt these online tests once, believe me, you will love these.

So, now what are you waiting for, and attempt these 9th class online test. If you will find it useful, please tell us in the comment section and also share these with your friends and class fellows. hoping for the best, have a good day.

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  1. Noor

    There is no option of English….

  2. Khalid

    You should make all subject MCQ’s.

    1. Anas Ahmed

      Sir what about Tarjama tul Quran.

  3. Raafey Raza

    Please add options for other subjects also. Thanks

  4. AbdulAhad


  5. ZIA

    plz upload sst test papers

    1. AbdulAhad

      hello guys i need help me in pakstd

  6. Tabia

    Please add pak. St papers

  7. Hifza

    Plz pak studies

  8. Hira

    Pls add full book test of islamiyat

    1. Author

      very soon

      1. Ahmed

        Plz oak studies urgent

      2. AB ghuman

        sir please do that fast

  9. Rayyan

    PLEEASSEE Add Pak studies urdu and english

    1. Bint-e-laila

      kab tak a jain g ye notes

      1. Sahil Ali Thaheem

        G mujhe ye batae ye test konse hai?

  10. Anaya

    Plzzzzzz add pak.studies test here urgently

    1. Hasnain


  11. Sufyan

    Paka study ka test nahi ha

  12. Ghulam abbas

    Plz add pak studies MCQs test

  13. Ali Muqeet

    Pakistan Studies kyun Nahin hai

    1. Rahim Saeed

      Please add quran urgently

  14. Yousra

    It is very nice app I prepared my all test through it.But the only thing is there is no yest of s.st

  15. ubaidullah

    hi sir i wanna study in your center if you won”t to tell me your center name please

  16. ....

    pakstudies tests plzzz

  17. Rameen

    Pakistan studies ku nahi hay idhar

  18. Mohsin

    There is no option of Pakistan student

  19. mutahar

    pak.studies paper please

  20. Aatika

    Plzzz question answers quiz bi ho

  21. Hassan Yaqub

    sir pak studies urdu notes

  22. Haadi

    No option of pakstudy

  23. Umar

    This site is helpful but plz upload pal studies test also

  24. AB ghuman

    all the mcqs are good

  25. AB ghuman

    Well all the mcqs are good.

    1. Khanzadi 🥰😍

      Its a good but not mantion islyamite lazmi new sylabus in class 9th 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  26. Hafiza Saima shoukat

    aslamoalikum sir plz all subject question answer plz

  27. ruman

    pak study plz

  28. Qasim Ali

    Please add tarjuma tul quran urgent today

  29. Hira

    this is litterally very helpful for students who dont know that they have learned or not!

  30. Hira

    can you add nazra (tarjama tul quran) as well?

  31. Zyan

    Can you add question sheet in this online test.

  32. sarah

    there is no test for tarjma tul quran and not isl new book online plz include both

  33. Fatima

    please add short question tests of every subject please

  34. Noor

    We should make all subjects MCQs

  35. mehrosh

    sir add pakstudies also

  36. FawadbinAmir

    Pak study Required please

  37. musfirah

    some numerical practice question please

  38. FawadbinAmir

    please add short question tests of every subject

  39. Sanwal

    This notes very helping me I don’t purchase handbook only used Free ilm notes this notes is very easy.

  40. Maham Fatima

    Yaha pe to na tarjama tul quran he or ka or na p.s ke test nai de skty us ke banai na

  41. Sabahat Akram

    Plzzzzzz add pakstudy papers online.

  42. EmaAn...

    It’s Very helpful for me….

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