Hi, We want to tell you that you can find all the 10th class notes on our website. These notes are great for learning and as well as for scoring maximum marks. They have been solved in a proper way. We are uploading these notes for those who want full marks and a good learning as well. Skim through them it will be beneficial for you! These notes contain questions revolve around the important topics of the book and they will not feel out of the context. Having read these questions is a great deal because these are relevant to the course, easy to understand and focus on important topics the most. If you just go through these questions once, believe me, you will love these.






Computer Science


So, now what are you waiting for, and check these 10th class notes. If you will find it useful, please tell us in the comment section and also share these notes with your friends and class fellows. hoping for best, have a good day.


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  1. Shahida kamran

    Kindly send me 10th class biolgy notes in pdf

    1. Author

      They will be uploaded very soon.

  2. Sadi

    Biology Class 10th notes plz.

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  3. azeem

    Hello, it’s a tremendous job. i need 10th urdu

  4. daniyal

    jabran urdu ka notes send karo

  5. shah su

    bhai pak study notes plz plz plz plz plzplz

  6. Aisha

    Urdu k notes

  7. Cadet Huzaifa

    Pak std is missing

    1. Asif

      Urdu Notes

  8. Ali

    urdu ka notes

  9. Maryam naz

    I like your notes. It’s very useful for me and others also. May Allah succeed you in your life(Ameen)

    1. Author

      Share it with your loved one.

  10. Arbaz Khan

    Best Notes cover almost all concepts.

  11. ahtsham

    why i cannot download the math notes of 10?

    1. Taimoor

      Ahtsham check your internet or only view them

  12. Subhan Iqbal

    Plz upload 10th class urdu notes

  13. Taimur

    Pl z upload 10th class English medium notes.

  14. fassehfaisal

    i like these notes alot i havent found this type of great notes yet on internet and also please its a huge request that please upload 10th class islamiat,pakstudies and urdu notes please please i really need and everyone knew that in this covid19 pandemic its not advisable to go out in some academy or anywhere else to get notes

  15. Ima

    This is really informative
    It’s a healthy request to improve your urdu,pak studies and Islamiat notes
    I hope your team will take a look at this real soon
    Keep it up
    Shine on

  16. Hamza

    Can you send me Pakistan studies notes in Urdu because I can’t find them?

    1. Author

      Hamza, these notes are not available.

  17. Zain janjua

    Plx upload pak study short question in urdu

  18. Younas hadi

    Plzzzzzz also make pak studies notes for class 10 ….These notes are very helpful and good…plzzz i need them

  19. esha noor

    Please upload class 10 pak studies notes

  20. Abdullahmushtaq

    Please post urdu notes and mcqs..

  21. alia

    i need urdu notes class 10th with tashreehat of nazm and ghazal plz post them

  22. fatima

    these notes are really useful

  23. Ayesh

    Plz upload notes of urdu and surah al ahzaab

  24. Azwa

    How can I install or download these notes in mobile?

    1. Author

      Click on the top-right corner arrow of a document to download.

  25. Sani

    Can you send me the general science and general math notes for class 10
    This is the best website from I get all my desire subject’s notes

  26. Muqadas

    Urdu notes plzzzzz

  27. M.Hamza

    I like your notes. It’s very useful for me and others also. May Allah succeed you in your life(Ameen)

  28. Hannan Khokhar

    urduuu notes pls

  29. Raza

    These notes are very intresting and valueable.

  30. Maham

    Pakistan studies notes?

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