Biology is a kind of subject related to science, which is a little bit tough to understand. The information or detail in textbooks is not enough for understanding the concept. So, most of the students search it on the internet. When they surf it they’ll visit most of the website even these notes are not available on them. Most of the ads tease the user. Therefore, here look at these 10th Class biology notes and get the most of it. We recommend you to prepare your exams from our notes because we have quality notes.

And here you go, it’s done without any hard work. We call this smart work. And these same techniques we apply too, to get the job done. Because we are still students and also in the constant construction of this knowledge world. Thanks for visiting!


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  1. Ahmad

    Sir, in the notes of each chapter, write this above every question and upload it, how many times it has appeared in which board?

  2. Mub SWIFTIE

    Really Really helpful! Good job FreeILM thank u for these wonderful notes

  3. Ishtiaq ahmad

    Good biology notes

  4. Iqbal

    All subject pdf of class 10th

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