Discussing the content of class 10 chemistry notes, we have some valuable material against each chapter of chemistry book that are long questions, short questions, multiple-choice questions and exercises. Let’s discuss, how you will score maximum marks in exams if you prepare from our class 10 chemistry notes. Let’s move forward to the way, you should start from the beginning of the chapter. First of all, when you are going to learn a long question. Before starting to learn it, you will have to mark or highlight the important material inside a long question. Similarly, you will have to select all the important long questions and mark the material inside it in the same way. After doing that, you will have to prepare all the highlighted material very well.

Chapter 9 – Chemical Equilibrium
Chapter 10 – Acid, Base and Salts
Chapter 11 – Organic Chemistry
Chapter 12 – Hydrocarbons
Chapter 13 – Biochemistry
Chapter 14 – The Atmosphere
Chapter 16 – Chemical Industries

The reason for learning the long question first is that you can answer most of the short questions and multiple-choice question easily. Now the second step is you will have to browse all the short questions of a chapter. Starting from the long questions and moving forward to the short questions, the only thing isn’t prepared that is multiple-choice questions. Now, you will have to skim multiple-choice questions and try to answer them. If you can’t, simply see the answer from the end of multiple-choice questions section where all the answers of multiple-choice question are given. You can prepare from our class 10 chemistry notes in this manner. It will help to score best marks in exams.

So, now what are you waiting for, and check these 10th chemistry notes. If you will find it useful, please tell us in the comment section and also share these notes with your friends and class fellows. hoping for best, have a good day.

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    I prepare my all exams from this page it’s so helpful so tysm 💜…..

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