Hi, here we provide you 2nd year English idioms. In our notes, we are not rushing every idiom that we can think off instead we have only the most important idioms in our notes. As you may know, most of the Boards repeat these kinds of things again and again.

And if you prepare the things that have a higher chance of being selected in exams than you can get high marks in your exams. Most of the notes have idioms but they have like every idiom that is present in English literature. So, be kind to yourself and do the smart work not hard work for 10 marks of your English paper. Have a nice day!

2nd Year – English
Important (Idioms + Meanings + Sentences)

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Idioms Meaning Sentences
A red letter day خوشی کا دن Eid is a red letter day for Muslims
A bird eye view طائرانہ جائزہ We got a bird’s eye view of the city from the top of the tower
A bone of contention فساد کی جڑ Kashmir is a bone of contention between India and Pakistan
A blind alley بند گلی Corrupt politicians have put Pakistan into a blind alley
A bolt from the blue ناگہانی آفت The news of his son’s accident was a bolt from the blue for him
A cat’s paw کسی کا کام کرنے والا He is a cat’s paw of his boss
Child’s play بچوں کا کھیل It is not a child’s play to write a good book in a month
Bad blood رنجش ہونا There is no bad blood between the two brothers
Blue blood اعلی نسب Though Ali is poor, he has blue blood in his family
A gala day خوشی کا دن Eid is a gala day for Muslims
A man of letters پڑھا لکھا شخص Quaid-e-Azam was a man of letters
Dark horse چھپا رستم Saleem is a dark horse; I did not know that he had written a novel
Blessing in disguise ایک چھپی ہوئی رحمت Sometimes, a misfortune comes as a blessing in disguise to us
Break the ice خاموشی توڑنا Saleem broke the ice by suggesting that they should play cards
A fishy story فرضی کہانی Nobody trusts him because of his fishy stories
A fish out of water سخت بے چینی میں I felt like a fish out of water in my new school
A man of parts اصولوں کا پکا Quaid-e-Azam was a man of parts
A wet blanket ایک حوصلہ شکن انسان Nobody likes a wet blanket because of his discouraging behavior
A wild goose chase بےکار کی کوشش Your attempt to pass the examination without hard work would be a wild goose chase
A white elephant سفید ہاتھی Ali is a white elephant for his family as he is sit idle
A feather in one’s cap باعث تسکین کا نامہ This success is a feather in your cap
A rainy day مشکل دور کیلئے Saleem saves money for the rainy days of old age
A narrow escape بال بال بچنا Saleem fell into the river but had a narrow escape from drowning
An axe to grind اپنا مطلب نکالنا I have no political axe of grind
At a stone’s throw قریب ہیں واقع ہونا I never arrive late because my college is a stone’s throw from my house.
At a loss پریشان ہو جانا Saleem is at a loss to decide whether he should marry or not
At stake خطرے میں We cannot take the risk when our life is at stake
An eye wash فضول بات Do not talk such eye wash
At dagger’s drawn دشمنی ہونا She is at a daggers drawn with her husband
At a stretch لگاتار The hardworking students study long at a stretch
At one’s back and call حکم کا منتظر رہنا He did not want to be at her back and call all day long
Apple pie order ترتیب سے His desk is always in apple-pie order
At the eleventh hour عین وقت پر He called off his plan at the eleventh hour
At cross purposes مختلف مقاصد رکھنا I think we are talking at cross purposes
At large آزاد کرنا The two robbers are still at large
All ears کان لگا کر سننا Keep on speaking, I am all ears
At sixes and sevens بےترتیب All the files are at sixes and sevens on the desk
Back out وعدہ توڑنا He backed out his promise
Bag and baggage ساز و سامان کے ساتھ He threw her out of the house, bag and baggage
Beat about the bush ادھر ادھر کی باتیں کرنا Stop beating about the bush and get to the point
Around the clock لگاتار He was working hard around the clock
At length آخرکار At length, Saleem won her love
Better half بیوی His better half is a lady doctor
Black out یاداشت کم ہو جانا He has a total black out for events of the evening
Break the news اچانک خبر سنانا He broke the news of her father’s death to her
Bear out تصدیق کرنا He bore out the news of his father’s death
Burn midnight oil محنت کرنا He burnt the midnight oil to pass the examination
A blue eyed boy پسندیدہ Ali is a blue eyed boy for everyone
A blue stocking ادیب عورت Haseena Moin is a blue stocking; she often writes new dramas
A bull in china shop دیہاتی A villager entered in the  library like a bull in the china shop
A broken reed ناقابل اعتبار شخص I cannot trust him, as he is a broken reed
A fair weather friend مطلبی دوست Fair weather friends leave in difficulties
A hard and fast rule واضح اصول We have to follow the hard and fast rules of this office
A live wire پھرتیلا The manager of this company is really a live wire
At logger heads جھگڑے میں ہونا Pakistan and Afghanistan are at logger heads in these days
All moonshine نظر کا دھوکا Fancy dresses are all moonshine
A maiden speech پہلی تقریر He delivered his maiden speech in the college
A hair breadth escape بال بال بچنا He had narrow escape from drowning.
Casting vote فیصلہ کن ووٹ Last match between Pakistan and England will be a casting vote match.
Bring home سمجھانا The teacher brought home this topic.
Blow hot and cold کبھی کچھ کبھی کچھ He blows hot and cold about going abroad.
Beside oneself آپے سے باہر ہونا The teacher was beside himself with anger when Aslam told a lie.
Carry the day جیت جانا Our team carried the day in the final.
Carry weight اہمیت ہونا His arguments carry weight.
Cast a spell سحر زدہ کرنا، جادو کر دینا Her matchless beauty casts a spell over me.
Cock and bull story بے تکی کہانیاں He told me a cock and bull story about his failure in the exams.
Burn the candle at both ends دولت ضائع کرنا You will fall ill if you keep on burning the candle at both ends.
Call into question شک کا اظہار کرنا His honesty cannot be called into question.
As cool as cucumber پرسکون مطمئن A great leader remains cool as a cucumber in all circumstances.
Close shave بال بال، قریب قریب He had close shave from drowning.
Come into play استمال میں آنا His abilities came into play as soon he started his career.
Bring to book سرزنش کرنا He brought the servant to book for his carelessness.
Bury the hatchet دشمنی ختم کرنا The two enemies buried their hatchet and became friends.
Cast down افسردہ She is cast down at her failure.
Crocodile tears دکھاوا کرنا، مگرمچھ کے آنسو He was shedding crocodile tears at the death of his enemy.
Cut a sorry figure شرمندگی اٹھانا He cuts a sorry figure on his failure in exams.
Cats and dogs life لڑائی جھگڑے والی زندگی The couple is leading a cats and dog life.
Deliver the goods وعدہ پورا کرنا Government of Pakistan should delivered the goods in all circumstances.
Do away with رسم و رواج ختم کرنا We should do away with bad manners.
Die in harness عملی زندگی میں مرجانا Quaid-e-Azam died in harness.
Egg on اکسانا Do not egg him on fight.
Eat one’s words اپنے الفاظ واپس لینا We should not eat our words in any circumstances.
Eat a humble pie سامنا کرنا، شرمندگی اٹھانا You will eat a humble pie if you do not act upon my plan.
Every inch ہر لحاظ سے He looked every inch a gentleman.
End in smoke ناکامی All his efforts ended in smoke.
Give the cold shoulder بے رخی سے پیش آنا I ask him to return my money but he gives me the cold shoulders.
Give and take کچھ لو کچھ دو We should develop relations with our neighbours give and take policy.
Hue and cry خوف سے شور مچانا The family started hue and cry when they saw robber.
Face the music سامنا کرنا He will have to face the music of what he has done.
Feather in one’s nest ناجائز دولت کمانا The corrupt politicians only feather their nest.
Fall out لڑنا جھگڑنا Two friends fall out for nothing.
Fall back upon سہارا ہونا He has his father’s property to fall back upon.
Feel the pulse نبض دیکھنا The doctor felt the pulse of the patient.
Follow suit تقلید کرنا Our school offered free admission and other school follow suit.
Give away تقسیم کرنا He gives away money in poor.
Give in چھپ جانا The Kashmir will never give in.
Go to the dog برباد ہو جانا His business will go to the dogs because of his carelessness.
Get better of غلبہ پا لینا Pakistan army will get the better of.
Hard nut to crack بڑا مسئلہ Kashmir issue is a hard nut to crack.
Hit on اچانک خیال آ جانا She hit upon a clever idea.
For good ہمیشہ کے لئے Saleem has left D.G Khan for good.
Few and far between کبھی کبھار He calls on me few and far between.
Cheek by jowl ساتھ ساتھ The fans entered the stadium check by jowl to see match.
Gift of the gab زبان کی طاقت Politicians should have gift of the gab.
Go to rack and ruin ختم ہو جانا His business is going to rack and ruin.
Hold water معیار پر پورا اترنا His arguments do not hold water.
Hold a brief وکالت کرنا You should hold no brief for this criminal.
Heart and soul دل و جان سے He loves her son heart and soul.
Hale and hearty تندرست و توانا He is a hale and hearty man.
In the air افواہ پھیلی ہونا The news of prime minister illness is in the air.
In the pipeline تیار ہونا The upcoming budget of Pakistan is in the pipeline.
In black and white تحریری شکل میں He makes every agreement in black and white.
In full swing پورے عروج پر The party was in full swing when the police came.
In letter and spirit ہر لحاظ، مکمل طور پر You should follow these orders in the true letter and spirit.
Keep abreast of اپنے آپ کو باخبر رکھنا I read newspaper daily to keep abreast of.
In the teeth of مخالفت کے باوجود The parliament has passed the bill in the teeth of opposition.
Keeping with مطابق ہونا Being a Muslim, our life should be in keep with in teaching of Islam.
In cold blood بے رحمی سے He murdered his friend in cold blood.
Kick the bucket انتقال کر جانا The patient had kicked the bucket last night.
Kith and thin رشتے دار We should care our kith and thin.
Keep up appearance ظاہر داری برقرار رکھنا In the days of inflation, it is very difficult to keep up appearance.
Keep body and soul together بڑی مشکل سے گزارا کرنا It has become difficult for poor to keep the body and soul together.
Lion’s share بڑا حصہ The investor has a lion’s share in his company.
Lay by بچت کرنا We should lay by electricity.
Leave in the lurch مشکل میں چھوڑ جانا Fair weather friends always leave in the lurch.
Let down شرمندہ کرنا Your mistake will let you down.
Make amends تلافی کرنا I shall make amends to the loss.
Move heaven and earth پوری کوشش کرنا She moved heaven and earth to get her aim.
Make good نقصان پورا کرنا Who will make good this loss?
Make away with لے کر بھاگ جانا The thief made away with the precious things.
Be at large آزاد کرنا The two robbers are still at large.
Lame excuses جھوٹے بہانے You cannot win her favour by lame excuses.
Laugh up in your sleeve چپکےچپکے ہسنا He laughed up his sleeve at the false affection of his step mother.
Laughing stock ہنسی کا گول گپا This fat man is a laughing stock of the village.
Lead somebody astray گمراہ کرنا Ali was led astray by some of his friends.
A leap in the lock اندھیرے میں تیر چلانا To start such a big business without experience is a leap in the lock.
Leave in the lurch مصیبت میں ساتھ چھوڑ جانا Do not leave your friends in the lurch.
Leave no stone unturned کوئی کسر نہ اٹھا رکھنا She left no stone unturned to pass the examination.
Lend an ear ہمدردی سے بات سننا This land lady lends an ear to the problems of the poor.
At length آخرکار At length, Saleem won her love.
To lick the dust ناکام ہونا His plan to win the race lick the dust.
Live by one’s wits مکاری سے رقم بھٹو لنا He does not work hard and lives by his wits.
Live from hand to mouth مشکل سے گزر بسر کرنا The poor man lives from hand to mouth.
Be living in foul’s paradise احمقوں کی جنت میں رہنا He lives in a fool paradise if he think that he will pass the examination without hard work.
Lock, stock and barrel مکمل طور پر They shifted their business lock, stock and barrel to a new city.
Look ahead مستقبل پر نظر The wise man always looks ahead.
Look sharp جلدی کرنا Please bring me a glass of water and look sharp.
Be at loose end فارغ ہونا Let us play cricket if you are at loose end.
At a loss شش و پنج میں ہونا He was at a loss to decide whether he took admission college or university.
Lose ground برتری گواہ بیٹھنا India has lost his moral ground after persecuting Kashmir.
Maiden voyage  بحری سفر Titanic sank during his maiden voyage.
Make both ends meet مشکل سے گزر بسر کرنا It is very difficult for poor to make both ends meet.
Make fun of مذاق اڑانا The whole class made fun of her odd clothes.
Make headway مشکل کے باوجود ترقی کرنا They have made headway towards finding the solution of the problem.
Make light of something اہمیت نہ دینا He had a bad fall but he made light of his cuts.
Make one’s mark نا م پیدا کرنا He is making his mark as a good writer.
Make the best of it ناکامی کو کامیابی میں بدلنا The job was against her taste but she made the best of it.
Make the most of it پورا فائدہ اٹھانا We have got only one day in Naraan; so we should make most of it.
Make up one’s mind فیصلہ کرنا They have made up their minds to settle in Pakistan.
A man of iron will مضبوط ارادے والا A man of iron will can tackle the present crises of Pakistan.
A man of his words عہد کا پکا You can trust him as he is a man of his words.
As a matter of fact درحقیقت He will not help you as a matter of fact, he is a selfish man.
Mind one’s business اپنے کام سے کام رکھنا Do not advise me, mind your own business.
Miss the bus/boat موقع ضائع کر دینا You will miss the boat/bus if you do not propose to her on her birthday.
More or less تقریبا He earns more or less fifty thousand a month.
A necessary evil ناگریز برای A war is a necessary evil.
Neck or nothing سردھڑ کی بازی لگانا I drove neck or nothing to reach the examination hall on time.
Next to nothing کچھ نہ ہونا We have left next to nothing now.
Nip in the bud ابتدا میں کچل دینا Nip every evil in the bud.
Now and then کبھی کبھار Now and then, we meet our old friends.
Null and void کالعدم His contract is null and void.
Of one’s own accord بالکل اپنی مرضی سے She married Ali of her own accord.
Off and on/on and off کبھی کبھار It rained on and off all day.
Off colour قدرے بیمار I have been feeling a bit of colour
Flesh and blood انسانی فطرت  This baby is his mother’s flesh and blood.
First and foremost سب سے اولین The first and foremost task of the teacher is to teach.
Fair sex خواتین We should respect the fair sex.
Get through نکلنا He has ability to get through his situation.
Hand in glove سازش میں شریک India and America are hand in glove with each other
Hope against hope موہوم امید رکھنا Saleem waited all day, hoping against hope that Ali would come to him.
Give up چھوڑ دینا I will never give up in the match.


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