Chapter 12 – Geometrical Optics


10th Class Physics Notes – Chapter # 12

Exercise: + Extra


–(Extra: Multiple Choice Questions)–[Open]


–(Extra : Short Questions)–[Open]


–( Long Questions )–[Open]


–(Exercise: Multiple Choice Questions)–[Open]


–(Exercise: Conceptual Questions)–[Open]


–(Exercise: Numerical Problems)–[Open]

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  1. Karam

    exercise multple question no 2 wrong correct answer 15 cm

    1. Sahar

      Numerical No.12.5 is wrong
      It’s correct answer is 77.62
      Please correct thos numerical

      1. Author

        ok, we’ll check it.

      2. Fatima

        Inka answer right mai wrong given hai

      3. Zaid


        1. Zuhaa Shoukat

          12.5 numerical’s answer is correct book pr answer wrong ha mn ne khud solve kar ke dekha ha

      4. Zaid

        Do you send me correct numerical

        1. Zuhaa Shoukat

          Zaid bro
          Can ,I send u?

  2. Fatima

    Sir,numerical 2 ke (a) portion mai answer negative kyun nhi hai?
    It should be negative as in calculation 55 was negative

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it.

  3. Ahmed talal

    Review questions are not available… Please upload.

  4. Zujaja

    In numerical 12.2 it is 10.5 not 105

    1. Author

      No mistake, point is shifted to right. so it becomes 10/105

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