Chapter 12 – Geometrical Optics

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Chapter 12 – Geometrical Optics

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Chapter 12 – Geometrical Optics

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Chapter 12 – Geometrical Optics

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Chapter 12 – Geometrical Optics

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  1. Karam

    exercise multple question no 2 wrong correct answer 15 cm

    1. Sahar

      Numerical No.12.5 is wrong
      It’s correct answer is 77.62
      Please correct thos numerical

      1. Fatima

        Inka answer right mai wrong given hai

      2. Zaid


        1. Zuhaa Shoukat

          12.5 numerical’s answer is correct book pr answer wrong ha mn ne khud solve kar ke dekha ha

      3. Zaid

        Do you send me correct numerical

        1. Zuhaa Shoukat

          Zaid bro
          Can ,I send u?

      4. Saffi Islam

        No Brother,
        The answer of Numerical 12.5
        is correct. The answer written in the text book is wrong.
        It’s correct answer is 6.2cm.
        Not 77.62
        Thanks you so much

        1. Eman

          Review questions kahan hai ??

      5. Amna

        Yes its 77.62 because it is convex lens q and f should be negative.

  2. Fatima

    Sir,numerical 2 ke (a) portion mai answer negative kyun nhi hai?
    It should be negative as in calculation 55 was negative

    1. Author

      Because distance can’t be negative.

    2. terisa

      its not convex lens its convex mirror here f will be positive and q will be negative
      study topic of spherical mirrors carefully and you will know

  3. Ahmed talal

    Review questions are not available… Please upload.

  4. Zujaja

    In numerical 12.2 it is 10.5 not 105

    1. Author

      No mistake, point is shifted to right. so it becomes 10/105

  5. terisa

    sir in side box information question no 4
    please answer according to question
    tell the power of lens not the position of object answer that what is power of lens in diopters

  6. Ali Khan

    bro agr apka 12.5 numerical thk bhi ho to hm ye follow nhi kr skty kyu ki hamary examiners lakeer ky faqeer hoty wo skill nhi just ability to learn everything word by word yani ratta check krte

    1. Amina

      ya bro you are right 👍 hamare examiners no writing skills no learning skills

  7. Mina toor

    No answer of numerical no 5 is right on book it was wrong in this page

  8. imran

    We Need new book notes ( national book foundation ) Test Edition

  9. Ahmad Noor

    Numerical no.5 is wrong as focal length and image is negative so the ans in book is correct.Please check it.

    1. Author

      Ok, We’ll check it.

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