Hi, We want to tell you that you can find 2nd Year Physics Notes here on our website. These notes are great for learning and as well as for getting full marks in numerical section. They have been solved in a proper way and steps have a logical connection between them so never mess up while skimming through them. Well, numerical problems are not the first priority of all the students who just want to get enough marks to pass the exam and they are not bothered about the nine marks of the numerical problems. But We want to tell you that these numerical problems are not difficult to understand and we are uploading these notes especially for the geeks who want full marks no matter what and a good learning as well. Skim through them it will be beneficial for you!

Chapter 12 – Electrostatics

Chapter 13 –Current Electricity

Chapter 14 – Electromagnetism

Chapter 15 – Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 16 – Alternating Current

Chapter 17 – Physics of Solids

Chapter 18 – Electronics

Chapter 19 – Dawn Of Modern Physics

Chapter 20 – Atomic Spectra

Chapter 21 – Nuclear Physics

We provide you with additional short questions of each chapter of 2nd Year Physics Notes on this page. Additional questions are not necessary to pass the exams but if you just skim through all of them you will feel much more confident in your understanding with the information and you can build a mind map with extra information that makes memorizing easy.
When you have a little bit of extra information that also clears many concepts that you have learned over time but you really don’t have a clear idea what the thing actually is. The point of all of these extra questions is to make learning easy just for you.
These questions revolve around the important topics of the book and they will not feel out of the context. Having read these questions is a great deal because these are relevant to the course, easy to understand and focus on important topics the most. If you just go through these questions once, believe me, you will love these.



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