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 Online Test Instructions

  •  Test Name : 9th Biology Chapter 7 Online Test
  •  Type : MCQ's
  •  Total Questions : 10
  •  Total Marks : 10
  •  Time : 10 minutes

  •  Questions will be shuffled each time you start the test.
  •  Any question you have not answered will be marked incorrect.
  •  Once you are finished, click the View Results button.

This quiz must be completed in 10 minutes.
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  1. Hussain Ahmad

    please send exercise in this website

  2. Hussain Ahmad

    all subjects kay all chapters kee exercise b website pa upload kryn

  3. Maryam


  4. Afzina

    It was a good experience for me

  5. Ubaid-ur-Rehman

    I would like to say that his test could have been much challenging if you would ought to strive on picking out the most difficult mcqs out of the most difficult concepts,like you can just add difficulty levels to the website,
    That is why I came here for, so I hope you would add these enhancements

  6. Noor fatimah

    These MCQS are so conceptual and not from the book

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