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 Online Test Instructions

  •  Test Name : 9th Chemistry Chapter 1 Online Test
  •  Type : MCQ's
  •  Total Questions : 10
  •  Total Marks : 10
  •  Time : 10 minutes

  •  Questions will be shuffled each time you start the test.
  •  Any question you have not answered will be marked incorrect.
  •  Once you are finished, click the View Results button.

This quiz must be completed in 10 minutes.
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  1. tayyaba

    why you wrong my some answer

    1. Benazir

      Acha kiya ha jo ya website ha hum aesa board ka exams ki bhi tayari kr sakta ha

    2. Abbiha

      I got 9 marks it’s good

      1. SAMEEE

        I got full, every time I tried

  2. tayyaba

    ye ap ny mujha kasa reply diya ha

    1. Abu Bakar Faisal

      I like it it’s a very useful website

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    I like it nyc website

    1. Zounaib

      Please check my test

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    20 out of 20

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  5. Abu Bakar Faisal

    I like it it’s a very useful website

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    20 out of 20

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  7. A.H

    This website is really effective. It is very helpful.Thank you very much .May God bless you! 🙂


    This test was so interesting I enjoy

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    easy to learn

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    it was my third try today and i got full marks it is preparation for my exams

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  11. Sana Fatima

    This is an amazing app it’s my first try and this is so helpful for me

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    So nice 😻

  13. M Sahir

    6. The mass of one molecule of water is:
    18 amu
    18 g
    18 mg
    18 kg
    I marked second option as the mass is always expressed in grams but it is showing that its wrong…Please answer me why is it happening…Thanks

    1. Author

      OK, we’ll check it.

    2. Saad

      I also faced this problem

    3. AbdulRehman

      Molar mass ka answer gram Mai ata hai or molecular mass ka answer h

  14. nabila

    Sir I need islamiat new book notes of class 9

  15. sehrish lin

    I appreciate your really help in studies

  16. Zain Mohsin

    This app is very helpful to me

  17. Atif 🙂

    Plz make these more hard , Everyone here is getting 10 by 10…. aku board give exam … 1/4 of your notes …

  18. Aisha

    Got 90% in the test this will surely increase
    My knowledge also I am thankful to whom who made this website

  19. Mamoon

    very useful website, matchless. But some ads are inappropriate for children

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    Best hotai hain online test

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