9th Class English – All Chapters Questions Answers

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      you can simply click the arrow and then it and press ctrl+p and your notes will be printed

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      Download the notes and then you will able to print it.

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      You have to download the Pdf File and then u can easily print it out… To download the file click on the arrow thing close to the title of The Saviour of Mankind and then download..

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      just take screenshots of the notes and save the screenshots in a usb and then print it from the printshop

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      Download and print from your storage devices or phone

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  21. Muhammad Moez

    Last answer of ch 7 is wrong. masjid Sophia was built by roman emperor Justinian as a Christian State Church. Ant it was converted into mosque by Mehmed the conqueror

    1. Author

      answer is according to the book.

  22. shakil ahmad

    everyone knows that in these chapters there are some small box questions we said that box questions whatever I also want them please I was searching for chapter 4 Hazrat Asma (RA) last 5th box question hmm… do tell me if yall can do anything.

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