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9th Class English – Stories

An Old man and his Sons

An old man had three sons. They always used to quarrel with one another. He advised them to live in peace. They did not care for it. The old man was very sad. He wanted to teach them a lesson. He thought of a plan.

One day he gave them a bundle of sticks. He asked them to break it one by one. They tried their best to break it but failed to do so. Then he asked them to untie the bundle. He gave one stick to each and ask them to break it. They broke it very easily. He advised them to live together like sticks.


  • Union is strength
  • Be united
  • United you stand, divided you fall


Kindness of the Rasool ﷺ

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Once the Rasool ﷺ was going somewhere with his companions. On the way, one of his companions saw a nest of sparrows. The sparrows were singing with joy. He picked up the Sparrow chicks from the nest. All the sparrows came crying. The Rasool ﷺ asked his companion the reason of their crying. He told that he had taken out their chicks. The Rasool ﷺ advised him to put back the baby sparrows in the nest. He did so. The sparrows felt happy and stopped crying.


  • The Rasool ﷺ was benefactor of all the worlds
  • God is kind to him who is kind to others


Robbers turn Good Citizens

Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani (God be pleased with him) went out on a journey with the caravan. His mother advised him to speak the truth always. A gang of robbers fell on his caravan and looted every one of them. A robber came to him and asked him if he had something. He told that he had some coins stitched in his shirt. He took the boy to his leader. The leader asked him why he had not denied of having money. The boy told him about the advice of his mother. It had a deep effect on him. He felt sorry for his deeds. He repented and gave up robbery. He returned everything to all the members of the caravan and advised his gang to live an honest life.


  • Always speak the truth
  • Never tell a lie
  • Selfie remorse is a Light house to right path
  • Good, sometimes, comes out of Evil


The Donkey trapped in his own trick

A villager had a donkey. One day he loaded his donkey with salt and took his way to the town. On his way, there was a stream. The donkey, when crossing the stream, fell down. A good deal of salt was washed away and the donkey felt light. The donkey took it to be a good trick. Next day the man again loaded it with salt. The donkey purposely sat down and got light. The master came to know his trick. He decided to teach the donkey a lesson. On the third day he loaded the donkey with a bale of cotton. It tried the same trick. When it got up, it could not walk under the heavy load of soaked cotton. The donkey was punished for his bad intention.


  • Experience is the best teacher
  • Do not play foul game


A Foolish Stag

Once a stag was drinking water at a pond. He saw his reflection in its clean water. He looked at his beautiful horns and admired them. He also saw his thin and lean legs. He disliked them. Just then he saw some hounds coming towards him. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him far away. He rushed into a forest. His beautiful horns were caught in a bush. He tried hard to free himself but in vain. Soon the hounds reached the spot and tore him into pieces.


  • All that glitters is not gold
  • Appearances are often deceptive
  • Pride hath a fall


Three Friends and a Bag of Gold

Three friends went on a journey. There came a jungle on the way. They found a bag full of gold there. They decided to divide it equally. They felt hungry. One of them was sent to bring food from the town. The other two decided to kill him and have more share. The man who had gone to bring food, was not a good man. He wanted to get all the gold himself. He poisoned the food. When he returned, the other two killed him. They ate food and died on the spot. Gold was of no use to them.


  • As you sow, so shall you reap
  • Greed is a curse.
  • Do not be greedy
  • Tit for tat
  • Evil recoils on the head of the Evil doer
  • He who digs a pit for others, himself falls into it.


A Friend in need is a Friend indeed

There lived two friends in a village. They decided to go to the city for some job and set off. There was a forest on their way. They sat under a tree to take rest for some time. All at once a bear appeared from behind a bush. They were filled with fear. One of them climbed up the tree. The other did not know how to climb a tree. He was in a fix. He had heard that bear did not harm the dead. So he lay down flat and held his breath. The bear came to him and sniffed at him. It was convinced that he was dead. It left him unhurt. The friend on the tree came down when he saw that the bear was away. He asked his friend what the bear had whispered in his ear. The other friend replied that the bear had advised him not to trust a selfish friend.


  • Beware of fair-weather friends
  • Do not trust a selfish friend
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed


Haste makes Waste

A hunter had a dog. The dog was very faithful and loved the Hunters only son very much. The Hunter had no one else in the house. One day he went out hunting and forget to get his dog with him. His son was still sleeping. After a long time he thought of the dog and his son. He decided to go back. He came home and found his dog blood stained. He thought that the dog had killed his son. He fired and killed the dog. He entered the house and found his son safe and sound. His son told him about the fight between the dog and the wolf who had entered the house to kill him. The faithful dog saved his son’s life. The Hunter cried but of no use.


  • It is no use crying over spilt milk
  • Haste makes waste
  • Look before you leap


A Big Reward

Once there was a hungry wolf. He had preyed a deer. He tried to swallow a big bite of flesh quickly. A bone also went in and stuck to his throat. He was hurt. He went to a crane for help. He promised to reward him if he would pick out the bone. He also assured him of his safety. The crane agreed. It put its long beak into his throat and pulled out the bone. The wolf felt easy. The crane demanded the reward. The wolf at once replied that he had not bitten off his head when it could not escape his teeth. It had been a big reward.


  • Might is right
  • A drowning man catches at a straw
  • A fair face may hide a foul heart
  • A light purse is a heavy curse
  • A poor man’s voice is never heard by the rich


The Tailor and the Elephant

A Taylor ran a shop in a bazaar. An elephant used to pass by his shop. He gave him a bun every day. One day he thought of making a mischief. As the elephant came to have his bun, the tailor pricked a needle into its trunk. The elephant became angry but went away. On his return, he filled his trunk with muddy water. He reached the tailor’s shop, put his trunk into it and squirted the muddy water. All the dresses hanging in the shop were spoiled. He felt sorry over what he did.


  • It is useless to cry over spilt milk
  • Look before you leap and think before you speak
  • Do not hurt others
  • As you sow, so shall you reap


The Clever Cat and the Vain Fox

One day a cat met a fox in a forest. The fox invited the cat to have a chat. The cat told that it was not the safe place. She alarmed her about the hunters but the fox boasted of her knowing many tricks to dodge them. She asked the cat how many tricks she knew. The cat told that she knew only to climb a tree in the time of danger. The fox looked down upon the cat.

Just then the cat saw a hunter coming with a pack of hounds. She at once climbed up the nearest tree and saved her life. The fox ran for his life but the hounds overtook him and tore him to pieces.


  • Vanity is self-deception
  • Pride Hath a fall
  • Do not boast of your riches


The Boy who cried Wolf

There lived a Shepherd in a village. He used to graze sheep in a Jungle. One day, he thought of a mischief and began to cry, “Wolf” ” Wolf” at the top of his voice. The villagers heard it and ran to his help with sticks. They found him stand laughing. They took it ill and went back. It was repeated and the villagers did the same. This time they decided not to trust him. After some days, a wolf did come there. The boy cried “Wolf” many times but nobody came to help him. The wolf killed the boy and some of the sheep.


  • Once a liar, always a liar.
  • Never tell a lie.


The Jester and the king

Once a king had a Jester in his court. The king was very fond of him. The jester became bold enough to ridicule the lords, ministers and even the kings.

One day the king was busy in serious state affairs when the jester made fun of the king. The king flew into rage and sentenced him to death. He begged mercy but was not forgiven. At last he ordered him to choose the kind of death. The jester was very clever and took good advantage of this occasion. He respectfully requested the king to allow him to die in old age. The king was pleased and forgave him.


  • Cut your coat according to your cloth
  • Never jump over your limits.
  • Never over reach yourself.
  • Live within yourself.


The Dog and his Shadow

One day a hungry dog stole a piece of meat from a butcher’s shop. He wanted to go to a safe place to eat it. On his way he reached the bridge of a stream. Crossing the bridge he looked into the clear water flowing under the bridge. He thought that there was another dog with a piece of meat. He wanted to snatch that piece. He open his mouth to bark. But in doing so his own piece of meat fell into the stream.


  • Greed is a curse
  • All covet, all lose.
  • Do not be greedy
  • Something is better than nothing
  • A bird in hand is worth two in the bush


Fox and the Grapes

There was a hungry Fox. He went here and there in search of food. He came to a vineyard. The grapes were ripe. He jumped at them. The grapes were out of his reach. He jumped again and again but in vain. At last he gave up his try, saying that the grapes are sour.


  • People have an excuse to dislike what they cannot get.
  • Grapes are sour.


A Merchant and a Boy

Once there was a Merchant. He was a rich man. He earned a large sum of money by selling his goods. One day he had to go a long way. He was on a business tour. He had a large amount with him. It was getting dark. A nail fell from his horse’s shoe. He did not care for that and reached the city. He did his business. When he was to get back, the inn boy warned him of the robbers in the forest on his way. He did not take any notice and hurried away. The nail ran into his horse’s hoof. It became lame. In the meantime the robbers appeared, killed him and made away with money.


  • Give weight to the words not to the speaker.
  • Words spoken are more important than the speaker.
  • Nip the evil in the bud.


A Tiger and the Greedy Man

Once a tiger killed a woman. She was wearing a gold bangle. The line kept it with him. One day a man came there. He was standing on the bank of a stream. The tiger appeared when he was ready to cross it. The man got afraid but the lion told him that it had become pious and kept praying. So he should not fear from it. The lion offered him the bangle as a gift. The man was greedy. On seeing the bangle, he came near the lion to receive his gift. The lion pounced upon him and tore him into pieces.


  • No vice like avarice.
  • Greed is a curse.
  • Do not be greedy.


A Flock of Pigeons and Net

Once a flock of pigeons was flying over vast Green Fields. They looked down and saw a plenty of food grain there. Some of the pigeons proposed their leader to alight. The leader did not agree with them and warned them about the net set by some hunter. The pigeons insisted and gave many arguments. At last the leader accepted their proposal. As they landed, they were caught in the net. All of the pigeons requested their leader to do something. The leader told them that they had disobeyed him and were in trouble then. He also told them the only way of escape and ordered them to exert together, pull the net up and Fly away with it. They did so and were saved.


  • Union is strength
  • United you stand, divided you fall
  • Be united.


The Trick of a Jackal

Once there was a kind hearted man. He was passing through a forest. He found a tiger in trap. The Tiger begged for his help to get out. He took pity on it and set it free. When the tiger came out, he growled and knocked him down. He reminded it of his help and told that the tiger was and ungrateful. It pinched the tiger. The tiger suggested to go to someone for decision weather men were ungrateful or tigers. They went to a pipal tree who decided in favor of the tiger. Then they went to the bullock. It upheld the decision of pipal. Next they came to a jackal. It had to pronounce the final decision. The jackal heard them and showed surprise that a big beast like the tiger could not be contained in that small cage. The tiger jumped into the cage to prove his argument. The jackal, at once, shut the door of the cage. The man thanked the jackal and went away.


  • He who digs a pit for others himself falls into it.
  • A fair face may hide a foul heart
  • Beware of a wolf in lamb’s clothing.
  • An enemy never becomes a friend
  • A fool can be deceived again and again.


A Farmer and his Lazy Sons

Once there lived a farmer. He had four sons. All of them were quite lazy and did nothing. He advised them to work but they did not care for that. At last the farmer fell seriously ill. He called all his sons and told them about the treasure lying somewhere in the fields. The sons asked him to mark the place but before saying something. He died. They did nothing. They began to starve. Soon they were reminded of the treasure left by their father. They dug deep the field but they could not find any treasure. By doing so the soil was enriched. At last they sowed the land. After some days bumper crop grew over there. Then they realized the wisdom of their father. They did work hard and became rich.


  • Self done, well done.
  • Want is the mother of industry.
  • Belly teaches all arts.


A Cricket and an Ant

There lived a cricket in the neighborhood of an aunt. The cricket Sang songs throughout spring and summer. He was very happy. He did no work at all. Winter came and it began to snow everywhere. He had saved nothing for winter. He began to die of starvation. He went to the ant for help. He begged for some food. The ant refused and pushed him away saying, “We ants neither lend nor borrow” the ant asked him the reason for not storing food for winter in summer. He replied that he used to sing songs merrily. The ant told him to dance away in the winter then.


  • No work, no food.
  • No pain, no gain.
  • Do not depend upon others.
  • Save something for the rainy days.


A Rich Man and his Servant

There lived a rich man in a city. He had a friend living in another city. There was a forest between both cities. One day his friend invited him and his family to dinner. The rich man, his family and his servant rode a four horse carriage and started their journey. When they were passing through the forest, some hungry wolves attacked them. They were terrified. The rich man ordered his servant to let loose two horses one by one so that they may escape from the wolves. But the wolves came up again and again. His servant was very faithful and brave. At last he drew his sword and jumped down. He fought with the wolves and drove them away. The rich man and his family gained time and escaped. The servant ran after them and rode the carriage again.


  • A desperate man, all things can.
  • Fortune favors the brave.


A Lion and a Hare

There lived a lion. He had killed many animals. All the animals were terrified. One day they held a meeting and began to think how to save themselves from the lion. They discussed many ways but no way was practicable. At last a hare offered to save them from the lion. The lion used to hold a meeting daily in the evening. Latecomers always fell a prey to him. One evening the hare purposely reached the den of the lion late. The lion was in a rage and asked him the reason of his being late. The hare cleverly told him about another lion who stopped him and ordered him to obey as he wanted to be the king of the forest. The lion flew into a rage and ordered him to take him to the other lion. The hare took him to well. The lion saw his reflection in the well. He jumped at it and was drowned.


  • Two of a trade seldom agree.
  • Intelligence overrules strength.

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