9th Class Islamiat Notes In Urdu [ LATEST 2018+ ]

Class 9 Islamiat Notes – All Chapters

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Are you guys looking for some solid notes and helping material of 9th Islamiat. Then you are on right place, on our website we provide you with 9th Class Islamiat Notes In Urdu and other (notes, past papers, exercises, schemes and much more). We assure you that on our site, all of the material has been precisely prepared according to paper patterns and schemes. You can access all of these resources for free from our site. Skimming through the different materials gives us exposure and makes the remembering things easy. So, what are you waiting for go and have a look.

Chapter 1 – Quran Majeed

Chapter 2 – Allah Aur Uss K Rasool Ki Muhabbat

Chapter 3 – Ilm Ki Farziyat o Fazeelat

Chapter 4 – Zakat

Surah Anfal – Ayat 1 to 75

Ahadees 1 to 10

Talking about the syllabus of Islamiat of 9th class. We have Chapters, Surah Anfal, and Hadiths. So, We will provide you :

  • Asbaaq (Chapters):     Short Questions (Mukhtasar Sawalaat), Long Questions (Tafseeli Jawabaat), MCQ’s
  • Ahadees (Hadiths):     Translation (Tarjuma), Explanation (Mafhoom & Tashreeh) and MCQs (Maroozi)
  • Surah Anfal:                  Translation (Tarjuma and Urdu Meaning), Short Questions (Mukhtasar Sawalaat) and MCQ’s

Our mission is to provide you with everything that is essential for your growth in your educational career of 9th class. From textbooks to their notes and exercises to papers…I mean Past Papers, you know. You can access Books, Notes, and Past Paper for free from our website.

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  1. thank you sir, please mail me other all notes for class 9th for my daughter for examination point of view. we all pray for you during this life and hereafter. thanks again!

  2. Assalamo Alaikum!

    Ma Sha Allah, great effort. May the blessing of Almighty Allah be with you and your family. The notes in pdf format are uploaded on google drive but these are not downloadable or printable. One can just open it in browser when there is internet connection.
    I request that the file permissions may be made downloadable and printable.

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