9th Computer Chapter 5 Online Test


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  • Test Name : 9th Computer Chapter 5 Online Test
  • Type : MCQ’s
  • Total Questions : 10
  • Total Marks : 20
  • Questions will be shuffled each time you start the test.
  • Any question you have not answered will be marked incorrect.
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1. Which of the following tags does not have a closing tag?


2. The <a></a> tag is known as:


3. HTML is a computer language which is used to create:


4. Which tag makes the enclosed text bold?


5. The ______ elements is a container for metadata (data about data)


6. Webpages can be created and Modified by using _____.


7. A hyperlink can be applied to _____.


8. In HTML, images are defined with the _____tag.


9. To save the HTML page, you can use _____ as file extension.


10. Unordered list each item of the list generally starts with a:



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