Chapter 6 – Work & Energy



–(Exercise: Questions Answers)–[Open]


–(Exercise: Numericals/Problems)–[Open]


–(Extra: MCQ’s)–[Open]


–(Extra: Short Questions)–[Open]


–(Extra: Long Questions)–[Open]


Section 1:  (Exercise: Questions Answers)

Section 2:  (Exercise: Numericals)

Section 3:  (Extra: MCQ’s)

Section 4:  (Extra: Short Questions)

  1. Define work and its unit.        (LHR 2011, 2014, GRW 2013, 2015)
  2. Define Energy and write down its unit.     (LHR 2012, GRW 2013)
  3. Define kinetic energy and give at least one example. (LHR 2014)
  4. Define Potential Energy and give examples. (LHR 2011, 2013, GRW 2014, 2015)
  5. Define Gravitational Potential Energy and give at least one example. (GRW 2012)
  6. Define Efficiency.     (LHR 2014, GRW 2015)
  7. What do you know about Ideal machine?
  8. Can we say that practical systems can be 100% efficient?
  9. Define Power. Write down its unit and define it.
  10. Do we do any work when we lift a load from the Earth to some height?
  11. How much power is used by a 40 kg athlete by climbing 10m high ladder in 10s?
  12. Give some examples of energies used in our body?
  13. How much work is done when a body moves with uniform velocity?

Section 5:  (Extra: Long Questions)

  1. Define work. Derive its mathematical formula.
  2. Define kinetic energy and derive its mathematical formula. (LHR 2011, 12, GRW 2011)
  3. Define Gravitational Potential Energy and derive its mathematical formula.
  4. Explain different Forms of Energy.
  5. Explain Inter Conversion of Energy.
  6. Explain Major Sources of Energy.
  7. Explain Renewable Energy Sources.
  8. Explain Solar House Heating.  (LHR 2014)
  9. What are the future hopes of the world about energy?
  10. Explain Mass – Energy Equation. (GRW 2015)
  11. Explain the electricity from fossil fuels with block diagram.
  12. Explain the effect of consumption of Energy on Environment.
  13. Draw the Flow Diagram Of An Energy Converter. (GRW 2015)
  14. What is Efficiency? Explain the ideal machine and practical systems.
  15. What is Power? Write down its unit and define it.

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