Chapter 5 – Gravitation

Gravitation – MCQ’s

  1. ———- predicted about artificial satellites about 300 years ago.

(a) Galileo

(b) Newton ✓

(c) Einstein

(d) Faraday

  1. Unit of gravitational field strength is:

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(a) N

(b) N kg-1

(c) J

(d) N m

  1. Distance of moon from Earth is?   (GRW 2013, 2014)

(a) 38, 000 km

(b) 3, 80, 000 km ✓

(c) 3, 000, 000 km

(d) 30, 000 km

  1. Speed of GPS satellite is:

(a) 7.9 kms-1

(b) 3.87 kms-1

(c) 5.6 kms-1

(d) 5.0 kms-1

  1. If the distance between two masses is half then the force of gravitation becomes:

(a) One fourth

(b) Four times✓

(c) Doubled

(d) Half

  1. In System International, the value of G is: (GRW 2012)

(a) 6.4 x 106 Nm2kg-2

(b) 6.4 x 10-11 Nm2kg-2

(c) 6.67 x 1011 Nm2kg-2

(d) 6.67 x 10-11 Nm2kg-2

  1. Radius of earth is:

(a) 6.4 x 106 km

(b) 6.4 x 106 m ✓

(c) 6 x 106 m

(d) 6 x 106 km

  1. The SI unit of gravitational force is:

(a) Nm2kg-2

(b) Newton ✓

(c) ms-2

(d) both “a” and “b”

  1. What will be the value of G if mass of the earth becomes four times:

(a) No change ✓

(b) Four times

(c) One fourth

(d) Doubled

  1. The mass of Earth is approximately:

(a) 6.9 x 1024 kg

(b) 6.0 x 10-24 kg

(c) 6.0 x 1024 kg ✓

(d) 5500 x 1024 kg

  1. As we go up the value of G becomes:

(a) Unchanged ✓

(b) Increases

(c) Decreases

(d) Doubled

  1. The force which pulls the object towards the center of circle is known as ———- force:

(a) Frictional

(b) Coulomb

(c) Centripetal ✓

(d) Gravitational

  1. When an object is at a height equal to radius of earth above the surface of the earth. What is the value of gh?  (LHR 2013)

(a) 4g

(b) 2g

(c) g/2

(d) g/4 ✓

  1. What is not true about g?

(a) g is different at different places

(b) g is greater at poles

(c) g is less at poles ✓

(d) g decrease as go higher

  1. If the weight of an object on the surface of earth is W. Its weight on the surface of moon will be:

(a) 6W

(b) W/6 ✓

(c) W/4

(d) W/8

  1. On mountains our weight will be ———– as compared to weight on the surface of earth.

(a) Equal

(b) Greater

(c) Less ✓

(d) None of above

  1. If mass of both the bodies is 1kg and distance between their centers is 1m then the gravitational force will be equal to:

(a) G ✓

(b) g

(c) V

(d) None of above

  1. A satellite is revolving around the earth in a circular orbit. If the radius of the orbit is increased from R to 2R. What will be its velocity?

(a) √2 v ✓

(b) v2

(c) v/2

(d) v/√2

  1. An artificial satellite keeps on revolving around the earth in different orbits with uniform speed due to the?

(a) Gravitational force √

(b) Frictional force

(c) Coulmb force

(d) Electromagnetic force

  1. Relative velocity of Geostationary satellite with respect to earth is:

(a) 7.9 kms-1

(b) 11.2 kms-1

(c) 9.8 ms-1

(d) Zero √

  1. If a rocket is fired vertically with a speed of ————, it will start revolving around the earth:                                                                                         (GRW 2013, LHR 2015)

(a) 8 ms-1

(b) 8 kms-1

(c) 9.8 ms-1

(d) 11.2 kms-1

  1. Height of the Geostationary satellite above the surface of earth is:

(a) 1000 km

(b) 3600 km

(c) 36000 km

(d) 42300 km √

  1. Gravitational force on the surface of earth is equal to:

(a) G

(b) g

(c) W √

(d) All of above

  1. Weight of the body of mass 10 kg on the surface of moon: (LHR 2016)

(a) 160 N

(b) 16N √

(c) 1.62 N

(d) None of above

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