Exercise 2.7
Unit 2 – Theory of Quadratic Equation
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  1. Shaloom

    You are doing an excellent job

  2. Hanzala

    You are a good

  3. Mahad

    7×5 = 35 not 21

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it.

  4. Fahad

    It’s help me a lot

  5. Seemab Rani

    It is very helpful 👍

  6. Abdul Khaliq

    It is very good 👍😊😊 and helpful 🙂🙂 and the method of the question is fantastic

  7. Hamna

    This notes are very good and the method of every question is correct and easy 👍

  8. aleem

    7×5 = 35 not 21

    1. Organizer

      ok, we’ll check it.

  9. Soban Kashif

    Ex 2.7 question 5
    Put in eq (ii)
    Line 3
    -ve sign disappeared

  10. Maha

    Your method is understandable
    Please make video lectures that will help the students to understand the concept easily
    Thanks alot

  11. Maryam

    Your question is difficult but easy
    Plz easy method

  12. Ahmed

    It really helps when sir says koi copy na kray khud krnay hai 😏

  13. Mr. AMIR Khan

    7×5=35 NOT 21 !
    please check your mistake

  14. Ibrahim

    Thnk you but 7×5=35

  15. Hamza

    It helped me a lot but there are some mistakes please proof read carefully

  16. aleenafizza

    hey it’s good notesss so well

  17. Aftab Wajid

    it is very good and superb or it helps me very much it is very useful but there are some mistakes here.

  18. Maira

    In the solution of Qno 11 the answer after cancelling both 3’s is not correct why

  19. Raja

    These notes are very helpful

  20. rukhsar akmal

    make last step of last question easy please because i wasnt able to understand 3 over 2 multiply by -2 over under root is equal to under root 3

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