Real and Complex Numbers – Exercise 2.1



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  1. Saad


  2. Muhammad Hamza Aslam

    There Are Many Mistakes In Your Book

    1. Author

      Report in the comment section. we’ll make it correct instantly.

      1. Rafay malik

        This is very helpful notes I like it

    2. Zahra Aley

      But i dont think so bcz answers are mathched i am assure u should rechek

    3. Zahra Aley

      But in my sight answers are matched so how can u claim that its just an observation

  3. Maria

    Thanks ☺️👍😍

  4. SM Hashim

    I like your website

  5. Maham sajid

    Sir yha pr mistake ha ex#2.1 me q#6 part (ii) me 0.1313 ko 1.1313 likha ha

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll make it correct

  6. Anoushey Atif

    sir/ mam do you mind giving a bit of an explanation of the 6th part of the 4th question along with the answer . thank you
    PS : your efforts are appreciated

  7. Maryam

    Thanks you so much 😊 🥰😍

  8. RUHMA

    Awesome app I love it.

  9. Sonia Khan

    Sir there are very mistakes in your book
    one mistake is ex 2.1 q 6
    you should check it again 😒😒😒😒😒😒

    1. Author


  10. umer

    awesome app i love it also

  11. Naina Aly

    Its amazing but can we have some more explanation in it

  12. hadia

    its a really helpful website

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