Real and Complex Numbers – Exercise 2.1



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  1. Saad


  2. Muhammad Hamza Aslam

    There Are Many Mistakes In Your Book

    1. Author

      Report in the comment section. we’ll make it correct instantly.

  3. Maria

    Thanks ☺️👍😍

  4. SM Hashim

    I like your website

  5. Maham sajid

    Sir yha pr mistake ha ex#2.1 me q#6 part (ii) me 0.1313 ko 1.1313 likha ha

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll make it correct

  6. Anoushey Atif

    sir/ mam do you mind giving a bit of an explanation of the 6th part of the 4th question along with the answer . thank you
    PS : your efforts are appreciated

  7. Maryam

    Thanks you so much 😊 🥰😍

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