Factorization – Exercise 5.3



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  1. Ahmed


  2. Shameen

    Amazing 🌹❤️

  3. Tahir Mughal


  4. momina

    really helpful

  5. Eathisam ahamed

    More easy than Expected without any mistake

  6. Maheen

    Nice and helpful notes! Hope u upload the notes for new book of pak.studies of class ninth as soon as possible! Thanks !!😊

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  8. MR. KHAN

    Love you

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  10. Ali

    In Ex 5.3 Q no 8 was wrong from third step to the last step
    yaha minus -7 ata tha ap ney minus -4 laga ya howa or sara sawaal galt solve kerlia

    1. Author

      I’ve corrected the mistake.
      Thanks for the correction.

      1. Moaz

        good and amazing notes

  11. Aitizaz

    So usefull

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