Algebraic Manipulations – Exercise 6.1



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    1. CoDEX

      U can download it by clicking that full screen button. It will take u to the google drive and then there will be a download button at top right corner.

    2. faris ahmad

      its good

  2. Javeria Taj

    There is a mistake in question number 3 part 3.
    In the question the value is 4x mega square
    In solution the value is written 4x square
    Please correct it.

    1. Musawir Ali Bhatti

      the answer is correct but they have change the order btw the answer is correct

      1. Ayesha

        the question of exercise 6.1 Qno 2 part (ii) is wrong answer is right but question statement is wrong

        1. Author

          ok, we’ll check it

  3. Satochi Lover

    The answer of Question 1 (i) is incorrect it should if y^3 instead of y^2.

    1. Author

      Okay, we’ll check it.

  4. BilalAhmad

    Yeah it’s y3

  5. Hamza

    Q no.2 part no.iv question is incorrect please check it

    1. Author

      There is no mistake found in it.

  6. Hafsa qazi

    I like your notes

  7. 🌧️ rain

    the question of 6.1 Qno 1 ii Question statement is wrong please check it

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it

  8. 🌧️ rain

    There is x^3 and you had written x^2

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it

  9. Ishfaq Ahmed

    AoA how can i download full book of Math and Physics

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