Linear Equations and Inequalities – Exercise 7.1



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  1. Hasnain naqvi

    Helpful for students l like this app very much

    1. Khola

      Nyc especially when u r 🦥 lazy👌👌😁

  2. farrukh mehmood

    very well ,

  3. Mana

    Can you please explain Qno1 Part 3

  4. Khola

    Key to success for a lazy 🦥 and a maths hater like me👍👌😁

    1. marii

      everywhere lol

  5. Mateen

    Pls check Q1 part 4 answer is correct but solution is wrong

    1. Author

      There is no mistake found in it.
      Kindly mention the mistake.

  6. marii

    really helpful thanks, author!!

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