Review Exercise
Unit 11 – Parallelograms and Triangles
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  1. Muhammad Faiq


  2. Shaffay

    There is a fault in q4 pls correct it

    1. Mr.Styles

      Yeah,in page 1 it says that the value of angle b is 125,but in page 2 it says that it’s value is 130

      1. Author

        I’ve corrected the mistake. Thanks for the correction.

  3. BilalAhmad

    Questions are not written right!

  4. M.Abdullah

    In review 11 Q5 in 6th line you write adding equation (ii) and (iv) but here come(iii) at the place of (iv)

  5. Anonymous

    i always do my maths notes from this website:)) i m grateful for this website:))

  6. Subhan waseem

    In the solution of questions 4 of review has something slightly wrong because in solution angle B is not 130 because after subtracting 55 out of 180 the answer is 130 there but the correct answer is 125 please correct this

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