Chapter 15 – Water

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Chapter 15 – Water

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Chapter 15 – Water

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Chapter 15 – Water

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  1. Javed

    I think lime water is used in clarks method instead of slaked lime because we use aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide which is like water …can you explain?

    1. areej

      First to correct you, the clarks method does not depend upon any physical appearance. Secondly the compound calcium hydroxide used in the mentioned reaction is saturated plus solid. Hence slaked lime is preferred in clarks method.

  2. Meesum Ali

    Chap : 15 (multiple choice question ) MCQs no. 54 in which (Typhoid is a dangerous bacteria disease ) . This is wrong ??
    Because Typhoid is a dangerous intestinal disease .
    This is correct or not

  3. Fatima attiq

    Please tell self assessment 15.4

  4. Jawad

    Thanks dear

  5. Amna


  6. Zainab Noor

    These notes are very helpful

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