10th Chemistry Chapter 11 Online Test


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1. Dead plants produce all of these products except_____.


2. The basic unit of carbohydrates is _____.


3. Amount of carbon content in lignite is_____.


4. Number of isomers increases with increase in number of_____ atoms


5. Homologous series have same_____.


6. Which one is soft coal_____.


7. How many carbons are present in Heptanes_____.


8. Organic compounds have_____.


9. Alkyle Radical is represented as_____.


10. Natural gas is used to make_____.



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  1. maila

    hi your answer for household coal is incorrect the correct answer is anthracite coal thanks

    1. Author

      Okay, we’ll check it.

  2. xyz

    Which type of coal is used as house hold coal_____.

    Its answer is Anthracite not Bituminous.

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