10th Class English – All Chapters Questions Answers

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All Chapters in One PDF

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  1. kashan

    Book of class 10th sindh board is changed? these chapter’s are not from old book??

  2. Ch

    All notes are very impresive and easy for students to learn by heartly but in this there is a little mistake that you wrote holy prophet (S A.W) but the H in Holy Prophet S.A.W always capital bcz it is proper noun so plzz correct it 🤗

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll correct it.

  3. Zerlish khan

    Book work / objective nahi hain??

    1. Muhammad Jameel

      Very nice and helpful

  4. Mary

    Chapter 2, Chinese New Year, Question/Answers (1)
    “The chinese New Year typically falls somewhere between January 21st and February 20th”
    In the pdf, it’s mentioned as “February 28th”. Please do take a look.

  5. Abdullah

    Nice but don’t you think that wording is a little bit difficult for us to understand

  6. Hassan

    It’s wrong February 21st is correct

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