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10th Class English – Summary

Try Again


W.E. Hickson


The poem try again written by W.E. Hickson dwells on the sublimity of continuous effort and persistence. In this poem the poet says that if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Every person has the power to accomplish his or her own personal goal. But sometime it is hard to reach that goal. Sometimes, we don’t succeed at first time. If a person tries hard, he will reach his goal. If a person gives up once, he will give up all the time throughout his or her life. Great people don’t become great easily. It requires a lot of patience and trials.

The poet says that it is a lesson which we all should ponder over. In first attempt if we don’t succeed, we should try again. Failure or success doesn’t matter. The thing that matters is the amount of effort that we put in. This effort must be evident. We should never get scared of the failure. Rather, we should keep on striving despite the fact that we fail once or twice.

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The poet further elaborate that putting in efforts is not a disgraceful act. Even though we lose the race, we should keep on trying. The task may be hard and laborious but we should keep on trying. Time comes when we will be paid back the reward in the form of success.

The poet proves his view point through examples. He says that we should do with patience exactly what great men of the past did to achieve their goals. We all have had some sort of disappointments and setbacks in our lives. But how we handle setbacks and failures speaks volumes about our strength.


The Rain


W.H. Davies


The rain is a symbolic poem in which upper leaves of tree represent the rich and the lower leaves represent the poor of the society. The sunshine symbolizes the day when the darkness of poverty will come to an end and there will be a fair distribution of the blessings of nature.

The poet describes a scene of nature. The sound of rain drops falling on leaves seems as if leaves were drinking rain. The leaves on the top are rich as they have the maximum of rain while the leaves beneath are poor because they get rain drop by drop. Nature appears kind and beneficent. The rhyming lines at the end of each stanza enhance the musical effect of the poem.

The poet is delighted to see and hear the sights and sounds of nature bathing in rain. He hopes that after the rain, the sun will shine and brighten the whole surrounding. The word “dark” in this stanza refers to the darkness of poverty and misery in the world. The poem ends with an optimistic note that a time will come when this darkness will disappear and the gulf between the rich and the poor will disappear.




Dr. Silvia Hartmann


This poem has been written by Dr. Silvia Hartmann. The main theme of the poem is wind that is fierce while in rage but gentle at its core. We have to experience Storms to enjoy peace.

In this poem, the poetess describes the destruction and chaos brought about by the apparent face of the Wind. It roars and smashes everything. It is so intense that it takes the form of the monster. She further explains that it levels everything weather valleys or vales. When it spins, it crushes everything and the things get cracked. It ruins and blows away everything. In this way, it takes all the work done by man.

Moreover, the poetess says that the destruction brought about by the wind is it apparent face. Its internal face is stillness. After the wind stops blowing, there comes the peace which is the outcome of destruction. The atmosphere becomes very pleasant. The bright blue sky is worth seeing. When the cool gentle Breeze restless the leaves of the trees, it creates soothing and musical sound. The breeze seems whispering. This is exactly what we call the real face of the wind. The poetess concludes her viewpoint by saying that the entire chaos and destruction becomes meaningless and unimportant when we come across the real beautiful and enchanting face of the Wind. That is soothing other than peace.

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