Chapter 10 – Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves



–(Extra: Multiple Choice Questions)–[Open]


–(Extra : Short Questions)–[Open]


–( Long Questions )–[Open]


–(Exercise: Multiple Choice Questions)–[Open]


–(Exercise: Conceptual Questions)–[Open]


–(Exercise: Numerical Problems)–[Open]


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  1. Pakeeza

    Pages open ni ho ry first page k ilwa😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. Abdul basit

      Ur internet problem

  2. farhan

    the formula is 1/f and after that intead of 1 100 is written in formula

  3. Talha

    These notes are very helpful

    1. physic teacher

      math and physic numerical question are direct
      please question step by step

  4. Wasif Mehmood

    These pdf files are very helpful for me .

  5. M.Hussain Masood

    10.3 Tm.1..1.67 divide answer wrong

    1. Author

      OK, we’ll check it.

  6. Abdullah Qaisar

    in the review exercise 10.4 only mechanical waves is given and the examples are of electromagnetic waves. In simple words mechanical waves is given but example is not given and electromagnetic waves is not given but its examples iws given.

    1. Abdullah Qaisar

      also in review exercise crest and trough are not included in 10.6

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