Chapter 4 – Structure of Molecules



–(Exercise Questions/Answers)–[Open]


–(Multiple Choice Questions)–[Open]

–(Long Questions)–[Open]

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    I like this website because this website provide free study😊😊😊


    Yaaaaaaar Exercise walay MCQs kahan hn?

    1. Author

      They are now included in the notes.

  3. FIZA..❤

    I want book solved MCQS.

    1. Mustajab

      Respected sir and madam:
      Sir i want to solved chapter 4 self-assessment 4.1 to self-assessment 4.7.

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    Aap ny mery dil ki baat keh di

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    I want box question answers

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    Sir app pak studies ka notes ju book new aye ha 2020 ki 9th ki iss ka notes kab upload kary ga

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    These notes are great but I want test yourself. Please upload.

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    Sir kindly make new notes according 2020 course plz

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    I want answers of exercise long questions

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    Thankuu Soo much

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    Respected Sir, it is stated that the answer of exercise long question number 4 and 9 is not available here ..
    i would be very grateful if you pay heed over it and make it available here
    thank you

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    Kindly upload self-assessments as they cause confusion in kids the most.

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    Thanks alot

    1. Maryam xahra

      These are irrelevant question we need book work

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    I love this website because this website provide free study with notes

  15. MrStarPhish

    Sir, the answer of following MCQs is given wrong in the key.
    45 = c (wrong)
    b is correct one.
    50 = b (wrong)
    a is correct one.
    Thank you.

    1. Author

      Ok, We’ll Check.

  16. Aakif Shabbir

    Hello Sir I need long questions
    from chapter four

  17. Music

    Your McQ key is wrong send me right key

    1. Author

      OK, we’ll check it.

  18. Ali

    These notes are really helpful,however, there are mistakes in some of the MCQs of exercise.i.e.
    🔹10. Correct answer is (d)
    🔹11. Correct answer is (b)
    🔹13. Correct answer is (a)
    🔹16. Correct answer is (d)


    1. Author

      Okay, we’ll check it.


    Sir please add short questions also
    Till these notes are really very informative

  20. Guria Shakeela

    You have not written the answer to Q#4 exercise long question! Kindly write it!

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it.

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    thanks this is very helpful for me

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    Sir I want test yourself Q/A.

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    please upload the answer for long question 4 of exercise

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    MCQs k question number 14 ka correct answer ap ki site pr available hi ni he correct answer is….Acc. to book…..
    (C).O2 and C2H4
    But ap ki site pr is ka answer he…..
    (D).O2 and C2H2…….jo k wrong he…
    Is ka correct answer ap ki site pr likha hi ni hoa……agr ap confirm krna chaen to book k topic double covalent bond me is ka answer dekh len.Thanks

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it

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    for me its helpful btw thanks

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