We provide you with the chemistry notes for class 9 that are all valid and good in quality. Here goes the list of what these notes offer – Do your self-questions (means conceptual question in every topic) , Past papers , Short questions , Long questions , Multiple Choice Questions , Numerical problems.

Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Chemistry

Chapter 2 – Structure of Atoms

Chapter 3 – Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties

Chapter 4 – Structure of Molecules

Chapter 5 – Physical States of Matter

Chapter 6 – Solutions

Chapter 7 – Electrochemistry

Chapter 8 – Chemical Reactivity

Chemistry, a subject having a hell lot of concepts all starting from a single definition of the smallest particle of our universe so-called ‘atom’. In the 8th grade usually, we all know that we have to study only one book that combines chemistry, physics, and biology called science. But as, we got into 9th class things starts to get more complex now. We got three books instead of just one book. And, if you ask me chemistry is the most complex one (maybe not for you). Then, these chemistry notes for class 9 is enough. Understanding chemistry means remembering a lot of concepts. Also, the concepts of any subject that usually taught in the 9th class are the base on which you can grow in that particular subject. So that, we are providing you with the best chemistry notes for class 9.

Consider that particular subject important in which you want to study for your whole life. And, read more than just the textbook about that particular subject. If you think you want to study chemistry for your whole life that’s great, we need chemists.

Well, you have read, it’s a long list and all of these available at one place is like a free chicken dinner after a long day. We cover all of these topics in our notes and that’s why we are sharing these notes with you guys. We have been through all of that from which you are going right now. You will find notes many places but not like ours that packs everything you want in order to understand concepts and archive good grades.


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