Chapter 2 – Structure of Atoms



–(Long Questions)–[Open]


–(Test Yourself / Conceptual Questions)–[Open]


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  1. Write down two properties of cathode rays.                     LHR 2014
  2. Write down the electronic configuration of Be and Ne. LHR 2014
  3. Define the term carbon dating. LHR 2014
  4. Define relative atomic mass based on C–12 LHR 2014
  5. Write down the electronic configuration of ‘Na’ LHR 2014
  6. State any two uses of isotope. LHR 2014
  7. For what purpose u-235 is used?                                                             LHR 2014
  8. Write the electronic configuration of “P”. GRW 2014
  9. State any two properties of cathode rays. GRW 2014
  10. How does electron differ from neutron? GRW 2014
  11. State any two defects in Rutherford’s atomic model. GRW 2014
  12. Write the electronic configuration of “S”. GRW 2014
  13. Write down the Electronic Configuration of Chloride ion. LHR 2015
  14. What is meant by carbon dating? LHR 2015
  15. Write any two properties of canal rays. LHR 2015
  16. Write the electronic configuration of Phosphorus ion and how many neutrons are in it. LHR 2015
  17. For what purpose U-235 is used? LHR 2015
  18. What are the defects of Rutherford’s atomic model? LHR 2015
  19. Write down the electronic configuration of nitrogen. GRW 2015
  20. Write down the number and names of subshells in N-shelll. GRW 2015
  21. Write down the observations of Rutherford’s experiment. GRW 2015
  22. Define the term isotope.                     GRW 2015
  23. Write electronic configuration of Mg2+ and. GRW 2015
  24. Who discovered proton and when? GRW 2015
  25. Define nuclear fission reaction. Name the new elements produced in it. GRW 2015
  26. What do you mean by carbon dating? LHR 2016
  27. Write isotopes of chlorine. LHR 2016
  28. Write down two properties of positive rays. LHR 2016
  29. Differentiate between shells and sub-shells. LHR 2016
  30. Define isotopes with an example. LHR 2016
  31. Define isotope and give one example. GRW 2016
  32. Write the uses of isotopes in radiothropy. GRW 2016
  33. Write the electronic configuration of an element having 11 electrons. GRW 2016
  34. Define isotopes. Give an example. GRW 2016
  35. Write names of two elements which are produced in U-235 fission reaction. GRW 2016
  36. Define electronic configuration. GRW 2016

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