Chapter 2 – Structure of Atoms



–(Exercise Questions/Answers)–[Open]


–(Multiple Choice Questions)–[Open]

–(Long Questions)–[Open]


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    question number 6 has wrong electronic configuration from short questions of book

    1. Abbas

      Yes u are ture

  2. Ali haider

    Long question no 5 is not in your notes please add it😥

    1. Author

      Ok, (Review Code: COMPLI).

  3. Rehan

    Please upload the scheme of Rawalpindi board 2021

  4. zahra

    please check 9th chemistry chap2 exercise long qs 8

    1. Zulqarnain

      Please give us the unit 2 it’s exercise Q/A Shart and long no Questions are here of exercise

    2. Anti Terrorist

      App konsi class say ho?

  5. Shmmi

    Please add numericles please

  6. Student

    Plz update your wedsite sir
    make new course according to new book

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