Chapter 6 – Solutions

Exercise Questions

Chapter 6 – Solutions

Exercise Numerical

Chapter 6 – Solutions

Multiple Choice Questions

Chapter 6 – Solutions

Long Questions

Chapter 6 – Solutions

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  1. faryalhabib

    Too nice sir….

  2. Saad

    Good i finally find the numerical prob …..thank u very much………

    1. Minahil

      G bilkul

      1. Anna

        Can we have numericals of the chapter plz.

  3. Ramal

    Thank thank thanku sooo much it is really good actually awesome but there is a problem i need short questions also i mean extra short questions plz do post them otherwise it is good

  4. Mental Motchi

    good sir/mam
    that was helpfull carry on uploading these kind of works to help students like me

  5. Tayyab hassan khan

    Sir where is the self assessments

    1. Manahil Maroof

      Yes! Where are they?

      1. Shahbaz


  6. Fatima bibi

    It is so helpful to prepare my exam and I am Very grandly for this thank 😄

  7. Hamna

    Extra short question should be,and mcqs should be easy and sensible.

  8. Eef

    Excuse me I can’t find extra short questions

  9. Ahmad Butt

    Add Test Yourself please

  10. mini

    very bad notes are there

  11. Muneeb

    Where are self assessments of chapter no 6 ??

  12. Amna

    Add self Assessment and think thank

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