Chapter 8 – Chemical Reactivity



–(Long Questions)–[Open]

–(Test Yourself / Conceptual Questions)–[Open]


–(Exercise: MCQ’s+Short Q+Long Q)–[Open]


–(Extra: MCQ’s)–[Open]



  1. What is electropositivity? Explain with an example. LHR 2014
  2. Write down any two uses of magnesium.                         LHR 2014
  3. Write down two physical properties of metals. LHR 2014
  4. Write down two uses of calcium.       LHR 2014
  5. Write down two chemical properties of non-metals. GRW 2014
  6. Describe any two uses of sodium. GRW 2014
  7. Define metal, give two examples. LHR 2015
  8. Write any two uses of Silver. LHR 2015
  9. Give chemical reaction between methane and chlorine  in the presence of diffused light.           LHR 2015
  10. Define metallic character and give an example. LHR 2015
  11. Write down two uses of gold. LHR 2015
  12. Why Platinum is used for making jewelry? LHR 2015
  13. Write at least two physical properties of magnesium. LHR 2016
  14. Complete and balance the given chemical equation.         LHR 2016
  15. Write down the name of four least reactive metals. LHR 2016
  16. Write the names or symbols of any four elements of Nobel Gases. LHR 2016
  17. Write any two uses of sodium. LHR 2016
  18. Define electropositivity. GRW 2016
  19. Write two uses of sodium metal. GRW 2016
  20. Write two differences between alkali metals and alkaline earth metals. LHR 2016

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