Chapter 8 – Chemical Reactivity



–(Exercise Questions/Answers)–[Open]


–(Multiple Choice Questions)–[Open]

–(Long Questions)–[Open]


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    notes are good but there are some mistakes in the notes for example in long questions they are not belong to books please give us correct question answers

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    MashaAllah Very Good Job

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    These notes do not match with text book Questions.

    Please make them correct

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    No doubt this app was too amazing

  6. Ahmad

    Four mcqs is wrong

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll correct it

  7. Umar

    MCQs no 4 is wrong
    Its lithium

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      ok, we’ll correct it

    2. Bint-e-laila

      These notes are helpful to me

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    These MCQs and short questions answer and long question answers do not belong to the national book foundation as federal textbook board islamabad

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    Very good I am very impressed from this notes and thus is very helpful for me
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    1. Sohail

      Ex mcq 4 is wrong answer is c

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        ok, we’ll correct it

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