Chapter 1 – Introduction To Biology

Chapter 1 – Introduction To Biology

Chapter 1 – Introduction To Biology

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  1. Zakaullah

    JAZAKALLAH very useful notes specially mcqs.please bold answer with question.

  2. Safa

    It a very good notes

  3. PRO

    Its good but where are the exercise question answers?

    1. Author

      Sorry, exercise is not included in notes.

  4. Abeeha Qadri


  5. Khuzama Amjad

    Sir please notes me exercise include kar dein.

    1. Pakistan Grammar School

      Ma sha Allah very helpful

  6. Ayesha Ghani

    Its very helpful 👍🙂👌👌👍

  7. Javeria Shakil

    So good, the MCQ’s helped me alot.

  8. Uzair

    I want urdu medium notes..lekin nhi hain abkya karein

  9. Tauseef

    Plzz include exercise Q/A

  10. Aayiz

    It is a request to include the exercise questions according to the new book 2020-2021

    1. Hafsa

      Ap unky answers ni btaty jo exercise may hoty hyn

  11. Abdullah Jan

    I like the answers iam very interested to see the answers very good and keep it up😊👍

  12. Alina Shabaz

    It is a question in lahore board we have only have chap 3 full

  13. Affan

    Please update notes as per new book of biology

    1. A random luvity 💜🎶

      Yeah same demand

  14. Ahsan

    It’s good

  15. anmol

    this is a helpful website i am well satisfied

  16. Ahmad

    very helpful!

    1. M.Aryan

      Very good 👍

  17. Urwa


  18. Wafa

    It help me soo much thank to owner.

  19. Queen

    Very good notes but can’t download


    Nice yar good very good

    1. Hadia Imran

      Such an amazing notes..May Allah Pak give uu Ajr-e-Azeem of this work👍✨

  21. A random luvity 💜🎶

    Ah thanks! Legend me be like tryina learn four whole chapters the night before exams.
    Your notes are helping a lot. But please update them according to the new book 2022.

  22. Shahwar

    Very helpful

  23. Tahir

    how can we download these notes, please suggest way

  24. Huraira

    Good 👍 for preparing exams

  25. Huraira

    Good 👍 for preparing exams lucky person

  26. Imtisal

    It is very helpful for exam👍

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