Class 9 Biology Notes – (Short Q, Long Q, MCQ’s)


Biology is a kind of subject related to science, which is a little bit tough to understand. The information or detail in textbooks is not enough for understanding the concept. So, most of the students search it on the internet. When they surf it they’ll visit most of the website even these notes are not available on them. Most of the ads tease the user. Therefore, here look at these class 9 biology notes and get the most of it. We recommend you to prepare your exams from our notes because we have quality notes.

Class 9 Biology Notes - (Short, Long, MCQ's)
For the reason that, we decided to upload all the helping material of class 9 on this website. This is the series of steps that will be implemented. First of all, we upload all the material of class 9 on this website. Then, we move forward to upload notes of other classes. we are working on them. So, have a look on these class 9 biology notes and prepare for exams.

Class 9 Biology Notes

Notes Contain:

–> Topical Long Questions  –> Exercise : (MCQ’s, Short Q, Long Q)  –> Extra MCQ’s, Past Papers (Short Q, MCQ’s)


Chapter # 01
” Introduction To Biology “

Chapter # 02
” Solving A Biological Problem “

Chapter # 03
” Biodiversity “

Chapter # 04
” Cells and Tissues “

Chapter # 05
” Cell Cycle “

Chapter # 06
” Enzymes “

Chapter # 07
” Bio energetic “

Chapter # 08
” Nutrition “

Chapter # 09
” Transport “


Complete Notes


Let me tell you a little bit about how you can grow in particular subject that you really like but you don’t find an easy way to perform well in that subject. So here are some;

Golden Rules of Getting High Grades.

  • Before taking any lecture skim through the book so you get the idea what actually book contains.
  • Before lecture skim through the topics that you think teacher might teach.
  • Go through once what you have learned in the lecture right after the lecture.
  • Don’t forget to take notes of core concepts that usually teachers taught in first lectures.
  • Repeat after 8 hours what you have learned but keep in mind the method SQ3R. (If you want us to explain you SQ3R method tell us in the comment section below! Preferably Google it.)
  • Than repeat after 24 hours by the method of SQ3R.

And here you go, it’s done without any hard work. We call this smart work. And these same techniques we apply too, to get the job done. Because we are still students and also in the constant construction of this knowledge world. Thanks for visiting!

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Please tell us to know in the below comments how these notes are, And how we can make it more useful.

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