Chapter 8 – Nutrition

Chapter 8 – Nutrition

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  1. Rukha

    How can I get notes

  2. Aayan Zaidi

    How can I get notes

  3. Farhan Adil

    ExtraOrdinary Notes👌

  4. kareem bux

    How i can get it?

  5. Zil-e-huma

    The short question no 68
    One spelling is not correct plz correct it
    The word is chyme not a chime

    1. Author

      Okay, its a typing mistake. We’ll correct it.

      1. Irbaz

        Sir ap har question par likha Karen ke he
        board me hai ya nahi

  6. Hussain Ahmad

    please add the exercies of all subjects

  7. fariha ahsan

    thora load jaldi kia karein

  8. Emmy buttler


  9. Nadeem

    how to print it

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