9th Chemistry Chapter 3 Online Test


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1. The half of distance between the nuclei of the two bonded atoms is referred as:


2. Number of elements placed in 6th period is:


3. According to the modern periodic law, the properties of the elements are periodic function of their:


4. Atomic number of K = 19. Its valence shell configuration is:


5. For Boron Z = 5, it belongs to which block:


6. Which element exists in liquid form at room temperature?


7. Shielding effect is greater in atoms with greater number of:


8. ns2 is the general electronic configuration of:


9. Mark the incorrect statement.


10. Units of ionization energy are:



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  1. Liaqat

    Kindly correct last mcqs option .3rd period contain 8 element and it repeat twice in option .see it

    1. Author

      Okay, we’ll check it.

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