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 Online Test Instructions

  •  Test Name : 9th Chemistry Chapter 3 Online Test
  •  Type : MCQ's
  •  Total Questions : 10
  •  Total Marks : 10
  •  Time : 10 minutes

  •  Questions will be shuffled each time you start the test.
  •  Any question you have not answered will be marked incorrect.
  •  Once you are finished, click the View Results button.

This quiz must be completed in 10 minutes.
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  1. Liaqat

    Kindly correct last mcqs option .3rd period contain 8 element and it repeat twice in option .see it

    1. Author

      Thanks for the correction, we make it right.

  2. Mubee

    Sir mcq no. 7 has different answers 3rd period contains two element is also incorrect

    1. Author

      ok, we correct it.

  3. ali

    sir bar bar test same he ata ha (almost) plz correct it

    1. Author


  4. Muhammad Hur

    In the quiz no 7, indicated correct answer is not actually correct, the ionization energy decreases in a group but not in a period.

    1. Author

      Ok, We’ll check it.

  5. Fizza Faisal

    In Qno 9, 4th option isn’t given and that one is correct all are incorrect….. Plz correct it sooner…..

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