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1. The concentration of the solute in solution, when it is an equilibrium with solid substance, at a particular temperature is called:


2. Starch, glue are the examples of:


3. The homogeneous mixture of two or more compounds is called:


4. Smoke is an example of solution


5. Number of moles of solute per dm3 of the solution is called:


6. Fog is an example of solution


7. The emulsions are the type of solution:


8. The solution which can easily pass through parchment membrane is considered as:


9. Which property is not for suspensions?


10. Sea water is a source of



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  1. Daniyal

    Its molarity not molality i got that one corrsct though

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it

  2. Wajiha

    The answer is molarity instead of molality

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