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  •  Test Name : 9th Chemistry Chapter 6 Online Test
  •  Type : MCQ's
  •  Total Questions : 10
  •  Total Marks : 10
  •  Time : 10 minutes

  •  Questions will be shuffled each time you start the test.
  •  Any question you have not answered will be marked incorrect.
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  1. Daniyal

    Its molarity not molality i got that one corrsct though

    1. Author

      I’ve corrected the mistake. Thanks for the correction.

  2. Wajiha

    The answer is molarity instead of molality

  3. Khann Adnan

    6. Fog is an example of solution

    Gas in liquid
    Liquid in gas ( true )
    Liquid in gas ( false )
    Solid in liquid
    What is this . I select the B option( liquid in gas) which is same to option A . So why you incorrect my answer

    1. Author

      I’ve corrected the mistake. Thanks for the correction.

  4. Guess who am l?

    Thank you so much especially for online mcqs test. It is proved to be very helpful to me

    1. M Zubair

      Freeilm is a good app for paper preparing

  5. Nasahe Ali Khan

    It is shown by Tyndall Effect :
    Its answer is jelly not paints.
    Consult the book

  6. Meryum

    McQ’s number 9 it’s correct option is d which is 5 g of sugar dissolve in 95g of sugar.

  7. bareera

    mcq no.6 correct option is 5g of sugar dissolved in 95g of solution

  8. Asad

    suspensions are heterogenous not homogenous . Why do you check incorrectly ?There are so many mistakes in your tests. most of the test is correct but you should take good care of other paper as well. I hope ,you will overcome your mistakes.

  9. Umaima Zafar

    Emulsions consist of tiny droplets of one liquid dispersed within another immiscible liquid. So, the correct option is “None of these.”

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