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    • Test Name : 9th Chemistry Full Book Online Test
    • Type : MCQ's
    • Total Questions : 15
    • Total Marks : 15
    • Time : 20 minutes

  • Questions will be shuffled each time you start the test.
  • Any question you have not answered will be marked incorrect.
  • Once you are finished, click the View Results button.

This quiz must be completed in 20 minutes.
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  1. amna

    test is very informative

    1. Afzina

      I agree with your point of view

    2. M.Muneeb Raza

      My dear it is informative but some answers are not correct.

  2. Izghaan

    test was very upto dated

  3. Izghaan

    test was according to new SLO BASED salabus

    1. M.Muneeb raza

      Jan, some answers was not correct. you had not noticed.

  4. Afzina

    It was informative

  5. Abdllah JAn

    There is question in this test : Which one of the following halogen has lowest electronegativity?

    There is only 3 option Please check

    1. Organizer

      ok, we’ll check it.

  6. Samiya

    “Your some answers are wrong” such as
    You asked which of these has the lightest weight/lowest density or sth and options were lithium sodium and two more .. the answer was lithium bcz lithium has density about 0.53grams per cm cube while sodium has density of about 0.98 grams per cm cube. You marked it wrong while the answer was lithium .
    Another mistake :
    the question was which property is not for suspension? And the options were
    Cannot be seen by naked eye
    Not a true solution
    Solid in liquid
    In this both a and b are correct I marked a but you declared it wrong . Suspensions aren’t homogenous and they can’t be seen with naked eye. So both these properties are not for suspension.
    Tho I always appreciate your notes and your mcqs tests they are both very informative. Especially your mathematics notes helped me a lot . Kindly correct these mistakes and it will be more helpful for students. Thank You!!

  7. Arg

    Liquids are 1000 times denaer than gases

  8. eman usman

    wow this test was actually very effective!!! BUT BOARDS MEI TO BOOK HI SE AATA HAI NA just kidding its an amazing test

  9. M.Muneeb Raza

    A-oA! i’m M.Muneeb raza. Some answers are not correct. If you agree with me,then please communicate with me. If you don’t agree with me,then also inform me

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