Unit 1 – The Saviour of Mankind – Translations



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  1. M Falak Shair

    Loving ❤ it.

  2. yoursenpai

    in 1st paragraph please check krein رات likha hua hai ریت ki jaga
    ise correct kr dein if you kindly have some time

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll correct it.

      1. HAfiz ABdullah

        u have not correct it.

    2. Ubaidullah Shahzad

      l like it.

  3. Sidra

    I have no words thanks keep it up

  4. Rija Eiman

    May Allah bless you…… 😊😊

    1. Unknown GiRl

      Thanks, it have made my day🙃

  5. Rija Eiman

    Allah ap ko hamesha khush rakhay

  6. Manahil

    Mera page hi nhi show ho rha 😞

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