Multiple Choice Questions

Chapter 3 – Land and Environment – (New)

Long Questions

Chapter 3 – Land and Environment – (New)

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  1. Yousra

    In pak.studies MCQs the McQ number 96 and 97 are wrong the answer of 96 should be option (a) and McQ number 97 answer should be option (b)

    1. Organizer

      ok, we’ll check it.

  2. Abdullah


  3. Muhammad Hur

    how can get a hard copy of this

  4. yasir

    i want fill in the blanks of ch 3 of in eng

  5. Sajjad

    Sir need short q s of chapter 3 in English

  6. Sajjad

    Are short q of chapter 3 available
    Plz do post them

  7. Momina

    I need additional short questions 😩 😫

  8. Ehtisham

    Can you make notes for short question’s and answer’s

  9. Uzma Shahid

    Please post the short questions of chapter 3 in english

  10. Anonymous

    Please post short Q’s ans and the Q’s ans of nbf book

    1. No buddy

      Please post the exercise and additional short questions. lt will help the students a lot 🙏🏻

  11. Black Daimonds 💎🖤

    These notes is very helpful for me Thank you so much 😊😊 Sir i want additional short questions pleaseeee 😞😞

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