Talking about the class 9 Pak Studies notes, most of the people search for the notes which are in the best format and in good quality. If notes are in good quality and there formatting is not good, then students will not download it. They visit many websites but they can’t find any good quality notes. So, we decided to upload the notes which will be in good quality and in a good format.

Pakistan Studies is one of the subjects in which we read about Pakistan provinces and its neighboring countries, etc. Most students pass the exam very easily. But passing marks are not enough. A student should get full marks in Pakistan Studies paper. In the exam paper, there are three sections, which are MCQ’s, short questions and long questions. Our class 9 Pak Studies notes contain all of these exercise notes + additional notes. All the questions will help you in the exams.

Mostly, in Pakistan studies paper, questions come from textbook exercise but in some cases few of them are inside the chapter. Learn the whole chapter is little bit tough. so, we provide you exercise notes ( short questions, long questions, multiple choice questions) + additional/extra notes ( short questions, multiple choice questions) that will absolutely help you in the exam. you can read all the questions and download the notes of 9th class from this website.We are uploading all the notes of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th continuously. So, bookmark this page or remember this website. So, you could take most of it by downloading notes.

When you give your feedback about these notes in the comment section. We really get happy. Share these notes with your class fellows and loving friends to help them.

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    Sir 10th class pak study ka material kb tk available ho ga?

    1. Author

      Jaldi, Inhsha Allah!

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        Sir when will new book notes shared of Pk.Studies of grade 9?

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      sir class 9 kay notes urdu mai available ho ga

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    Really wonderful

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    bohut ala janab khuda mazeed tofeq dey

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      Sir class 9th english medium new Pak Studies book notes are required all.

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    english k notes ni milay ssir

    aap wo b upload krain

    un me english grammmer composition se exercise k tense solve kar k upload krein

    or baaqi grammer b or text books qs b krein na sir plzzzzz

  5. mhammad khalil

    good effort

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      aoa I need p.studies book for English medium plz any one

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    Excellent notes


    Amazing Job. May ALLAH give you more success

  8. Owais Sabir

    Phenomenal Job sir, can we expect class 10 P.S and urdu notes anytime soon in the near future. Or it might take some time please reply and update sir. Jazakallah

    1. Author

      Insha Allah.

  9. Owais

    As you know 9th class Pak Studies book has been changed. Are you planning to adjust these notes accordingly? Any time soon ? or it might take time?

    1. Syedali

      Exactly i was also finding the new schedule book of 2021

    2. Tahmena

      Sir I need Pak.studies urdu medium books notes

      1. Farwa

        Sir short question Ans in English available nh hn kia????

  10. Shahid

    Sir urdu medium sllybas avalbal nhi ha

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      Is page py urdu medium notes bhi mojud hain.

      1. Areesha Asif

        Urdu medium pakstudies book 2020 when the notes wilo be available plzz tell

        1. Nazzal Kausar

          Really glad to find this this website. It helped me alot in my studies

  11. Neelo

    Can i use theses notes for federal board islamabad

  12. aqeel

    Notes for pak studies class 10th, when will be available on this page??/

  13. aqeel

    over all its a great job. very well done

  14. Areesha Asif

    When the notes of new book of pak studies will be published here

    1. Abubakar

      Apney question mark (?)nhi lagaya apky 0.5 marks cut ho gyy😂🫢

  15. Amina

    Very good site and im impressed that ur spreading ilm free
    I mean that if any student do not have books then he or she can search from here u r very nice.

  16. Umer

    Are these according to 2020 syllabus for Pak studies class 9 ?

    1. Ahmed

      Books r changed by this week we will get modified books and notes phir aa jain gae

  17. Abdul basit

    Aslmo aliqum sir 9 class new notes according to new book please publish on your page

  18. Aiyzah

    Sir 9 ki pakstudies change hoo gai hai

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    Plz publish new book notes of Pak. Studies

  20. Ahmed

    Please upload the notes of the new edition of Pak Study soon.I need it very much because Pak Study book has changed.

    1. Maham

      Please upload new season 2020 2021 syllabus notes as soon as possible

      1. Maham

        Sorry by mistake i send to you

  21. Barbie

    May Allah gives u great success your work always helps me when the need arises

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    Good notes of Pakistan studies

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    sir kya is website pay oxford ki social studies kay notes mil saktay hain

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  24. Rbee

    Excellent notes. Sir! I want to request you to please upload the new notes of pakstudies according to the new pakstudies book. I would be very grateful for your cooperation.

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    Sir class 9th english medium new Pak Studies book notes are required all chapters

  26. Faiqa

    Yes I need new book of pak study
    Sr pak study ki new book ka syllabus b upload kr dn plz

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    Plz publish new book notes of pak studies

  28. Fiza Shahid

    Sir class 9th ka mein urdu mein available hai?

  29. Aayiz Farooq

    Please upload to the new book notes.I am about to have exams

  30. Zohaiba

    Sir please make pak study(2021)book notes again

  31. Rayan nadeem

    Yours note are really very helpfull .. plz upload new book chapter2 notes soon 🙏🙏

  32. Maheen

    Plz upload the notes of new books they will be very helpful thank u!!

  33. mehwish Noureen

    Loved Your Work. Allah Pak apko is naiki ka azeem ajar ata farmaye. Aameen ☺️😊


    Please upload Sindh Text Book Board´s Pakistan Studies´s new book 2021 nots in Urdu medium.

  35. I dont no

    bahi guess paper send kr du baki kuch yad tu hota nahi

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    Kon sa chapter ka

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    thanks sir allah bless you you help me . maylive long life ameen

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    new book ka urdu me koi chapter upload nhi hai?

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      Why the new chapter syllabus of short Question was showing me what is the main reason

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      Sir Upload Kro Please
      Dear By Hamza

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    New book ka Urdu me plzzz kr dein

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    Where’s Women Empowerment? Needed that Chapter.

  42. Areeba jvad

    Pak study short question

  43. Yasir Raza

    The answer are not exactly same as board paper. Please mark or circle the answer of the mcq’s

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    4 wal chapter porana hai

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    It is very. Good that we can stud old syllabus as well as well as the new syllabus

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    Aoa is main exercise short question nahi hai

  48. Zeest

    Very good but Short questions nai hein kya???
    Author reply pls/

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    Sir when will short question be available

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    Umm these Pak studies notes are from the old book, we have different chapters.So, kindly upload notes from new book.

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    Kindly upload them as soon as possible

  53. Rabbia

    Umm these notes are from the old book,we have different chapters in the new book. Kindly upload notes from the new book as soon as possible.📑📗📖
    I will be grateful for your act of kindness sir.

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    Sir MashaAllah boht ache notes hain Allah Sab aasan kare

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    It is a good app

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    Rukan Galt tarteeb sa likha huwa hain

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      ok, we’ll check it.

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    With due respect and humbleness it is stated that I have been pleased to be at this page and tead these notes.
    Kindly upload short question for Pak Study 9th in Eng medium.

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      Sir g ye hum order nhi or sakte ghr ke liye??

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    Amazing and helpful notes..Thank uhh very much

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    sir mostly mcq,s ghlt hain sir urdu medium k 😢😢😢

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    sir ye copy ni ho rahy notes

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    These notes are very helpful for me as it make it easier for me to write and read

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    Short question are not available?????

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    Sir pak study 9th class k chapter 4 k additional short question k b notes bna dain

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    The English P.studies notes aren’t that obliging n convenient that Ive heard….. Anyways …..good effort but I’ve made better notes !

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    I want to get your notes all subject

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    Please also make notes and test papers of pakstudies in English.

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    I like the way you guys help us from getting scolded by the teacher or having bad grades…

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    please also make notes and test papers of pakistan studies

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