Chapter 1 – Problem Solving

Problem Solving – MCQ’s

  1. Which solutions are not reached through proper algorithms or work planning?

(a) Prepared solution

(b)  Candid solution  ✓

(c) Strategized solution

(d) Best solution

  1. Which is a graphical representation of an algorithm?

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(a) Matrix

(b) Graph

(c) Flowchart ✓

(d) Solution

  1. Which symbol in the flowchart is used to either start or end the flowchart?

(a) Terminal ✓

(b) Connector

(c) Process

(d) Decision

  1. Which means to test if the required solution is there?

(a) Verification ✓

(b) Algorithm

(c) Validation

(d) Flowchart

  1. In a ______ error, the solution is working but not giving required results:

(a) Random error

(b) Logical error ✓

(c) Syntax error

(d) Runtime error

  1. Before problem solving, we need to first _____ a problem

(a) Prepared solution

(b) Analyze ✓

(c) Strategized solution

(d) Best solution

  1. An algorithm produces a defined set of:

(a) Steps ✓

(b) Analyze

(c) Strategized solution

(d) Best solution

  1. A flowchart utilizes various _____and _____to map out the order of steps.

(a) Symbols, text ✓

(b) Symbols, number

(c) Number, text

(d) Solution, Problem

  1. In flow charts symbol is used to show a:

(a) Solution

(b) Decision making ✓

(c) Verification

(d) Test data

  1. Which is used to test the solutions?

(a) Best Solution

(b) Top design

(c) Verification ✓

(d) Analyze

  1. Which is a matter or situation needs to be dealt with and overcome?

(a) Algorithm

(b) Problem ✓

(c) Flowchart

(d) Debugger

12._______ a problem helps to solve that problem quickly

(a) Analyzing ✓

(b) Debugger

(c) Algorithm

(d) Solution

  1. Which of the following tasks are performed by most of the algorithms?

(a) Input

(b) Output

(c) Processing

(d) All of these ✓

  1. Which consist of symbols used for graphical presentation of an algorithm?

(a) Algorithm

(b) Program

(c) Flowcharts ✓

(d) Software

  1. Which means to test if the solution is according to given problem?

(a) Test data

(b) Settlement

(c) Verification

(d) Validation ✓

  1. Which means whether the solution is giving the required results or not?

(a) Validation

(b) Verification ✓

(c) Flowcharts

(d) Software

17 A_____ is a technique used to test algorithms.

(a) Trace table ✓

(b) Table

(c) Algorithm

(d) Program

  1. The diamond symbol represents the:

(a) Input/output

(b) Decision making ✓

(c) Processing

(d) Remarks

  1. The technique ‘Divide and conquer’ is used to solve:

(a) Simple problems

(b) Complex problems

(c) Runtime error

(d) Complex and large problems ✓

  1. Which is straightforward and unplanned in problem solving?

(a) Analyze

(b) Candid solution ✓

(c) Debugging

(d) Testing

  1. Which technique has drawn a pictorial representation of the solution?

(a) Prototype ✓

(b) Pseudo

(c) Debugging

(d) Testing

  1. Which word refers to spontaneous and unplanned?

(a) Draw

(b) Algorithm

(c) Flowchart

(d) Candid ✓

  1. Which is a set of steps to solve a problem?

(a) Program

(b) Algorithm ✓

(c) Flowchart

(d) Runtime

  1. Which is essential to point out the defects and errors made during finding a solution to some problem?

(a) Testing ✓

(b) Program

(c) Writer

(d) Demand

  1. It is the test data that compiles with the input requirement of the algorithm:

(a) Valid test data ✓

(b) Test data

(c) Data

(d) Superset

  1. It is the data that does not comply with the input requirements of the algorithm.

(a) Testing

(b) Program

(c) Invalid test data ✓

(d) Demand

  1. A solution is tested on extreme values.

(a) Bounded

(b) Boundary test data values ✓

(c) Test data

(d) Boundary value

  1. To check how the system reacts on entering data in inappropriate format.

(a) Wrong data formats ✓

(b) Data formats

(c) Data

(d) Solution

  1. To investigate that the solution still works if less number of inputs are given than expected:

(a) Absent

(b) Program

(c) Writer

(d) Absent data ✓

  1. If algorithm is correct, but does not give correct outputs it means that it has ___error.

(a) Logical ✓

(b) Syntax

(c) Not an error

(d) Run time

  1. Trace table is a technique of:

(a) Running the program

(b) Running the flowchart

(c) To test the algorithm ✓

(d) Modification

  1. In order to solve a problem, it is important to follow an approach.

(a) Systematic ✓

(b) Manual

(c) Trace report

(d) Central approach

  1. A well-defined problem is the one that does not contain:

(a) Simplicity

(b) Ambiguities ✓

(c) Turning

(d) Running

  1. Strategy that divides a complex problem into smaller problems is called:

(a) Prototype

(b) Act it out

(c) Divide and Conquer ✓

(d) Solution

  1. Which is the initial stage of problems

(a) Defining ✓

(b) Analyzing

(c) Programming

(d) Stepping

  1. What is the purpose of an oval shape symbol in flowcharting?

(a) Decision

(b) Connector

(c) Process

(d) Start or End ✓

  1. What is the purpose of an parallelogram shape in flowcharting?

(a) Decision

(b) Connector

(c) Input/output ✓

(d) Start or End

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