Computer Science 9th Class Notes - (MCQ's, Short, Long Q)

Class 9 Computer Notes – All Chapters

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Looking for Computer Science 9th Class Notes? So here you can download it from our website. With the passage of time, computer technology is becoming the most advanced field in the era of science. The rate of computer usage is increasing day by day. Computers had become one of the parts of our daily life and it has made everybody’s life more comfortable. PCs are very beneficial for us because they are useful in schools, in making movies, helpful in banks, and they are even serviceable for communication. From mobiles to a calculator, they all are some like to computer machines.

Chapter 1 – Introduction To Computer

Chapter 2 – Computer Components

Chapter 3 – Input / Output Devices

Chapter 4 – Storage Devices

Chapter 5 – Number System

Chapter 6 – Boolean Algebra

Chapter 7 – Computer Software

Chapter 8 – Introduction To Windows

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We are uploading these guides to enhance your knowledge in the field of advanced computer technology. The first word that comes to our minds is ‘Computer’, so the question is what is a computer? , and why are computers so important? A computer is an electronic device used in almost every field, it is very much accurate, fast and can accomplish many tasks easily. Otherwise, if we try to complete these tasks itself, it takes much more time. Computers have large data storage systems and good information processors. They can be used to store and manage large amounts of data. Moreover, they are very consistent and accurate. You can go through all the information or facts about the computer from these Computer Science 9th Class Notes.

Normally, 9th Class Punjab Textbook ‘ Computer Science ‘ is your starting point in the era of technology. And this book is a good source for newbies, I suggest you summarize the knowledge from the internet/google other than this book. Let’s talk about the Computer Science 9th Class Notes. It contains eight posts against each chapter. Each chapter posts has Multiple Choice Questions, Short Questions, and Long Questions.

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