Chapter 1 – Physical Quantities & Measurement

Chapter 1 – Physical Quantities & Measurement

Chapter 1 – Physical Quantities & Measurement

Chapter 1 – Physical Quantities & Measurement

Chapter 1 – Physical Quantities & Measurement

Chapter 1 – Physical Quantities & Measurement

Why do we study physics?

Ans.    The rapid progress in science during the recent years has become possible due to the discoveries and inventions in the field of Physics. Most of the technologies of our modern society throughout the world are related to Physics. In order to get knowledge about these techniques, technologies, scientific principles and to play a vital role in new discoveries and inventions we study physics.


Name any five branches of Physics.

Ans.    (i) Mechanics (ii) Heat          (iii) Sound      (iv) Light (Optics)      (v) Atomic Physics


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How can you differentiate between base and derived quantities? (GRW 2014, 2015)

Base Quantities Derived Quantities
The quantities on the basis of which other quantities are expressed are known as base quantities.


length, time, mass

All the quantities, which can be described in terms of base quantities, are known as derived quantities.


Force, area, volume, density etc


Identify the following as base or derived quantity:

Density, force, mass, speed, time, length, temperature and volume.

Base units Derived Units
Mass, time, length, temperature Density, force, speed, volume


Name five prefixes most commonly used.

    • Kilo (k) = 103
    • Mega (M) = 106
    • Micro (m) = 10–6
    • Milli (m) = 10-3
    • Nano (n) = 10-9


The Sun is one hundred and fifty million kilometers away from the Earth. Write this

(a) As an ordinary whole number.

150, 000, 000 km

(b) In scientific notation

1.5 x 108 km


Write the numbers given below in scientific notation

(a) 3000000000 ms-1

3.0 x 109 ms-1

(b) 6400000 m

6.4 x 106 m

(c) 0.0000000016 g

1.6 x 10-9 g

(d) 0.0000548 s

5.48 x 10-5


What is the least count of the Vernier Callipers?

Ans.    The difference between one small division on main scale and one vernier scale division is       0.1 mm. It is called least count of vernier callipers.


How many divisions are there on Vernier scale of vernier callipers?

Ans.    There are 10 division on Vernier scale of the vernier calipers.


Why do we use zero correction?

Ans.    We use zero correction to take a correct measurement free of error.


What is the least count of a screw gauge?

Ans.    The minimum measurement which can be taken using a screw gauge is known as its least       count. The least count of screw gauge is 0.01 mm or 0.001 cm.


What is the pitch of your laboratory screw gauge?

The pitch of laboratory screw gauge is 1mm.


Which one of the two instruments is more precise and why?

(a) Vernier calipers

(b) Screw Gauge

Screw gauge is more precise than vernier callipers because it can measure accurately up to one hundredth part of a millimeter while vernier callipers can only measure accurately up to one tenth part of a millimeter.


What is the function of balancing screws in physical balance?

The function of balancing screws is to bring the pointer at zero position on raising the beam.


On what pan we place the object and why?

We place the object on left pan and standard masses on the right pan just for the convenience of user.

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