Chapter 1 – Physical Quantities & Measurement



–(Exercise Questions/Answers)–[Open]


–(Exercise Numericals/Problems)–[Open]


–(Multiple Choice Questions)–[Open]

–(Long Questions)–[Open]

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  1. Ghulam Mustafa

    Sir Assalam o alaikum

    1. Author

      Waliakum Assalam!

  2. Shafaqat ali

    Exercise me diye gaye mcqs k answers nai diye gaye why?

    1. Author

      Answers lagy huay hain.. un ka text bold(dark) hai.. mcqs k options mai hi answers hain..

  3. Sana

    Exercise k short questions q ni diye? Or ye just 1 page he show ho rha sb categories ka baqi k pages q ni show ho rhy?

    1. Author

      Reload the Page and wait a minute to load all pages.

      1. Please write short questions of every chapter other than exercise questions especially physics

  4. AnoUsH

    Thanks you so much for this act of kindness

    1. Inayat

      Exercise main jo MCQS diey hoy hain un ko kaise solved karen

  5. hisham

    there are no quic quiz

  6. Tayyab Ameen

    Your lectures and notes are very helpful for Normal student

  7. Safa Agent

    Thank you soooo much for giving us helpful notes

    1. Taimoor

      This help in when i am sick and did not attended any class

    2. Asfand

      Where can we find free ilm lectures

  8. syed muntazir

    Assalam o alaikum Thank you very much sir

  9. mano

    thank u free ilm ur website helps me alot …

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    Assalam o alaikum sir! How can we download this ??

  11. rana

    sir plz uplod urdu

  12. M.Abuzar

    there is a mistake in Problem 1.5 part b answer one zero is missing

  13. Hadi Mughal

    why there are no short questions available ??????

    1. Author

      Prepare Long Q, and Exercise Q.. No need to prepare other short questions.

  14. Abdul hadi

    Sir but we need short questions of physics all chapter ,,, it is compulsory

  15. arisha

    actually sir we need model paper and lectures

  16. Malaika

    Sir there is no answer of MCQS book wale MCQS ka answer han but jo notes wale MCQS han un ke answer nai han plz give me the answers 🙏

    1. Author

      Unhi Extra MCQ’s k end py Answers bhi hain. Check.

  17. Aimen

    No quick quiz, mini exercises solutions given……… If there will be then these are the best ever notes…..

  18. Samra

    Assalamualaikum! Sir physics Kay additional short question bi ap upload kar day please please sir

  19. Muhammad Uzair

    mini exercise or box questions ka answers nhi han please add them

  20. Hafiz Ali

    Thank u so much your notes are very helpful

  21. Saad Rabbani

    Assalamoalikum every one who is reading my comment, thanks to the person who created the website, all these has really helped me.
    Special Thanks to the person who has made all the notes.

  22. Ayesha Ghani

    Sir please extra short questions bhi upload karien

  23. Taha

    Very good work

  24. Taha

    You wrk on this too much

  25. AWA

    Asalamu alekum, may i use your material in my notes as well

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  26. Khan Seth Jee

    asalam aleykum kia ismy, jo book ka chapters ka andr k long question han woh bhi han?

  27. Wajeeha

    Sir plz numericals explain ker dain plz

  28. Kauro Matsubara

    Awesome! MashaAllah💎

  29. ali

    pleas give answers of self assesment question

  30. Rajput

    Please also answer quick quizzes

  31. Fatima

    Plz physics k quick quiz k answers bhi da dain

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