Chapter 3 – Dynamics



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      There are 60 mcqs in Extra MCQs Section. Check all the sections and wait for it to load.

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    These are so good.

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    in exercise question/ answers questions from (3.18 to 3.20) is missing please add it

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      Ok, we’ll check it.

  19. Faiz Ajmal

    If vector A and B are added, under what condition their resultant magnitude is equal to A+B and under what condition their resultant is zero.
    Plzz answer it .Tomorrow is our board so i need its answer.

    1. Phishy

      I know I’m late but,
      The resultant of Vector A and B is equal to A+B , if both the vectors are in the same direction.
      Meanwhile, The resultant of A and B Vectors is equal zero, if both the vectors are in the opposite direction.

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    These helped me alot. Jazakallah

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    Very helpful. Jazakallah.
    Please do consider checking Ex Q.1 – MCQ no.8
    I believe the action force is on the Earth.
    The horse puts action force on the Earth, the Earth’s friction provide the Reaction force. Which allows the Horse to overcome the friction between the wheels of the cart and the Earth.
    (Horse + Earth) -> (Cart+Earth)
    So, the correct answer should be (b) option. (Earth)

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it

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