Chapter 4 – Turning Effect of Forces



–(Exercise Questions/Answers)–[Open]


–(Exercise Numericals/Problems)–[Open]

–(Multiple Choice Questions)–[Open]


–(Long Questions)–[Open]


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  1. EMAAN

    Sir Kindly Correct the First MCQ it is wrong

    1. Author

      OK, we’ll correct it.

  2. Arfa

    This website is amazing

  3. Muhammad Usman

    In questions, MCQs no. 1 is incorrect. The correct answer is COUPLE

    1. Author

      OK, we’ll correct it.

  4. Anam

    this website is nice

  5. Haniyeh

    Sir in numerical 10, the length 2 is 1cm, you have wrote 50. Kindly check it up.

  6. Aqsachaudhary2002

    Dear sir the answer of 1st numerical was wrong please check again

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it.

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