Chapter 8 – Thermal Properties of Matter


–(Exercise: Questions Answers)–[Open]


–(Exercise: Numericals/Problems)–[Open]


–(Extra: MCQ’s)–[Open]


–(Extra: Short Questions)–[Open]


–(Extra: Long Questions)–[Open]


Section 1:  (Exercise: Questions Answers)

Section 2:  (Exercise: Numericals)

Section 3:  (Extra: MCQ’s)

Section 4:  (Extra: Short Questions)

  1. Define heat. (LHR 2014)
  2. Define thermometry and temperature.       (LHR 2014, GRW 2015)
  3. Define internal energy.
  4. Define thermal equilibrium.
  5. Define thermometer. (LHR 2013)
  6. Write down the conversions of thermometer scales. (LHR 2013, GRW 2014, 2015)
  7. Define specific heat?         (GRW 2013, 2014 , 2016 LHR 2015)
  8. Define heat capacity. (GRW 2015)
  9. Define latent heat of fusion.    (GRW 2013, 2015)
  10. Define latent heat of vaporization.  (GRW 2014)
  11. Define evaporation.
  12. What is linear Expansion?
  13. What is volume expansion? (GRW 2013)
  14. Write down some consequences of thermal expansion.
  15. Write down some applications of thermal expansion.
  16. What do you know about bimetallic strip (thermostat)?
  17. Write down some examples of expansions of solids.
  18. While constructing bridges, one end of the beam is placed on rollers. Explain why?
  19. What is the difference between specific heat and latent heat of a material?
  20. Why temperature of a substance does not change while it is changing its state from solid to liquid?

Section 5:  (Extra: Long Questions)

  1. What is thermometer? Explain its different types.
  2. What is specific heat? Explain with examples and derive its mathematical formula.
  3. Explain the importance of large specific heat capacity of water.
  4. Define heat capacity. Derive its mathematical formula and write down an activity to
  5. Explain with an activity the change of state.
  6. Define latent heat of fusion and write down its mathematical formula.
  7. Define latent heat of vaporization. Write its mathematical formula.
  8. Define evaporation. On what factor speed of evaporation depend? Explain.
  9. What is thermal expansion? Explain on the basis of kinetic molecular theory.
  10. What is linear Expansion? On what factor it depend? Derive its mathematical formula.
  11. What is volume expansion? On what factors it depend? Derive its mathematical formula.
  12. Write down the consequences of thermal expansion.
  13. Write down the applications of thermal expansion.
  14. Explain the thermal expansion of liquid.

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