Chapter 9 – Transfer of Heat

Chapter 9 – Transfer of Heat

Chapter 9 – Transfer of Heat

Chapter 9 – Transfer of Heat

Chapter 9 – Transfer of Heat

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  1. hasseb

    There are many mistakes in spellings . please correct these spelling . thanks

    1. Abdul haddi

      How you can say that

      1. Malik Faaez

        Please tell me what is the scheme of 2022 punjab boad paper 9th class.

  2. Abdul haddi

    Very Good website.

  3. zohha rafiq

    u have scheme of 2012 to17 and onward how can u say that because the scheme of 2021 has not issued yet

    Please tell me about it

  4. Ahmed

    Ap ka numerical number 9.2 me data me time 3600 nhi he is ki waja se me boht confuse ho rha tha
    Plz is ko dekhen

    1. Author

      These are the seconds in an hour. so the time t is 3600 sec in 1 hour.

  5. Wajiha

    Very nice website ao easy answers .. And to the point as board requires 😇

  6. Fakhar

    Numerical 9.2 myn Hour likha hua time mention krny k leye and 1 Hour has 60 x 60 seconds.
    Very informative Wevsite.
    Great Work

    1. Huma Mubarak

      why the answer of second mcq is (c)?
      shouldn’t it be (b)…?
      ‘cz the thermal conductivity is a material property and just change by the change in substance..
      (pg no.197 thermal conductivity last paragraph)

  7. Zoey

    Mcq number 10 is option B Not C, water is a poor conductor if heat, plz check it

    1. Author

      OK, we’ll check it.

  8. Zoey

    Mcq number 11 is also insulator not semi-conductor, it’s option C

    1. Author

      OK, we’ll check it.

      1. naveera

        which one is correct

  9. Abdullah shakeel

    Mcq no 10 is wrong
    correct answer is option b
    please check it

    1. Organizer

      ok, we’ll check it.

  10. Ifra

    Application of consequence radiation

  11. Amna

    There areany spelling mistakes

  12. White_candy

    Thanks you your notes are cool even from all the webs in see on Google you helps us a lot…….🤗

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