9th Physics Chapter 4 Online Test


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1. If the direction of parallel forces is the same, then these are called ——————– forces:


2. The rotational effect of a body is measured by a quantity known as:


3. The direction of torque is determined by —————– rule:


4. A ———— is always acting while opening or closing water tap, a lock, stopper of a bottle or jar:


5. Component of a vector acting along the y – axis is called:


6. The position of the centre of gravity depends upon the —– of the body:


7. If a number of forces act on a body such that their points of action are different but lines of action are parallel to each other then these forces are known as —————- forces:


8. Addition of vectors are done by:


9. Torque is a ————— quantity:


10. There are ————- conditions of equilibrium



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