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    •  Test Name : 9th Physics Chapter 4 Online Test
    •  Type : MCQ's
    •  Total Questions : 10
    •  Total Marks : 10
    •  Time : 10 minutes

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  1. Hassaan nasir

    18 of 20

    1. Author


  2. Quratul AIN Ayesha

    20/ 20
    100 %


    assalam o alikum
    brother first condition for equilibrium is represented by ” ∑F = 0″
    not “∑Fx = 0” this one!
    your correct answer is wrong.

    1. Author

      No. ans is All of Above

  4. Amanullah

    Tarque is determined by no Rule,It is determined by formula
    T =F x L
    Your anser “Right Hand Rule” is incorrect.
    Fix it please.

    1. Author

      No, ans is right.
      The direction of the torque vector is found by convention using the right hand grip rule.

      1. Abdul Wadood

        Two equal but unlike parallel forces not along the same line produces a couple not torque

  5. Shahid Abbas

    Centripetal force is inversely proporation to ⁉️

    1. Author

      Centripetal force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the centre.

  6. maryam

    thank you

  7. daniyal

    please make slos based mcqs taken from new book please sir and make video on new book topic

  8. Omer Rizwan

    I got 9/10 in my first attempt .

  9. Nia Naveed

    Oh! I got 100%💯✨

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